Gordon's List for 2007

It’s been a big year, and one of the fastest ever.

  • Firefox remembering passwords (made this post easier)
  • Important things going according to plan
  • A baby who sleeps (shame about the early mornings though)
  • Capturing instants of time
  • Laughing babies
  • The sound of the coffee grinder
  • Butter
  • Can I say Besalu every year?
  • Danika not giving birth the night I was stuck on the I-90 bridge in a snowstorm
  • Everything just being better than expected regarding the little one

As always the favourites are more an instant grab-bag than a carefully considered list:

Favourite Movie:

You know, so little is leaping to mind that I’m almost tempted to go with Music and Lyrics, which is just embarrassing, but I did watch it twice willingly so its not really that bad. However after research I’m going to have to say that 300 beat out both the Bourne Ultimatum (easily) and 3:10 to Yuma (just). Music and Lyrics is still almost in the running for popcorn.

Favourite TV:

Heroes Season 1 watched in batch long after if was on TV.

Favourite Book:

Unlike movies, a good year for books. I’m going to go with The Lies of Locke Lamora – thanks Martin.

Favourite Pizza:

Special one-off category for Waterfront Pizza in Port Townsend.

Favourite New Toy:

My 50-mm Nikon Lens (and you thought I would say iPhone, shame on you) – even though it’s from the end of last year and probably shouldn’t count!

Favourite Meal:

Danika’s new stew recipe. I’ve been to lots of restaurants this year, and enjoyed most of them, but my memory is failing me here and I don’t want to say something recent only because I remember it.

Favourite Music/CD::


Laughter in a Time of War or Walking Into Battle With The Lord from A Singsong & A Scrap, Chumbawamba


The Con, Tegan and Sara

Lily Allen was probably in second place for both of these categories.

Favourite Saying:

I’ve given up on Quotes of the Day, so I’m going to go with:

“Only pee-pees in poopie land” – g


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