My List of Thanks…

A new career

only 3 more semesters of college tuition (and expenses)

figuing out my computer does more than word documents (it spills chek two)

the reaction you get when you do something nice for someone you don’t know

yelling at your child, and afterwards they say “thanks for interferring”




now I only wish everything else in my life only cost $49.95 a month

A person cominig up to me to say  “you really have a good kid”

pistachio gelato

Last years Thanks Giving

being laughed at; at our local gym for reading the paper on the ab machine instead of using it 

learning from yesterday and growing tomorrow

our new stove

recent meal: curried chicken with pears

movie: they all seem to stink in recent times

book: the cult classic… “Everyone Poops”

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  1. First, pistachio gelato. Yummmmm. And secondly, curried chicken with pears? Where? When? Do you have a recipe?

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