Tessa's List

Yumiko leotards yes indeed they are yumi

new tights

new kind of pointe shoes that so far have worked out so much better than i thought they would

coffee after rehearsal with the ballet girls

partnering class especially when i don’t punch my partner in the face…. it was an accident i swear.
passing my driving test even without proper proof of my corrected vision… yay for doing a vision test in the middle of the road. and for a driving test guy that had no problem driving for me during the test … i think i won him over with my smile  haha

corrected vision…. tyerrifying experience overall but overall great results… i am finally starting to get out of the habit of reaching for my glasses evry morning.

Leftovers from the amazing cooks in my life …even if i can’t eat half of the stuff they make

youtube once again for ballet videos

oddly enough cabbage soup

extensions on papers

getting to work at a library

taking as many dance classes as i want for free…well almost as many

Driving instructors that are patient when im not

having time to read at my job  at the library

Christmas decorations

finishing a term paper ..ahead of time

having friends that live in different places and the open invitation to stay there


most importantly
having a supportive network that enables me to follow my heart, no matter how crazy it is or how crazy it or I get

hrmmm well as far as books go ive been so busy the only types of books iminterested in reading are nonsense books, which can be nice too

music red hot chili peppers the doors wolfmother robert plant etc

movies: ummm haven’t seen too many darjeling express was the last pretty good a little weird but good

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  1. >> music red hot chili peppers the doors wolfmother robert plant etc

    Mmm, this looks like the bands I liked in the early 90’s. Either you need to raid my old record collection or get up to date and listen to kexp.org 😉

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