Karima 2008

Dear Ones,

This is an abbreviated list. I would tax time and space if I listed all I have to be thankful for. Know that YOU are on my list, not so hidden between the lines.

Karima’s 2008 List
memories of Albert

kind veterinarians

having a Sweetheart who is open to adventure

seeing the world anew through Lucy

Lucy’s layers (if you aren’t sure what I’m referring to, check out Nika’s blog at machaggis.net)

brussel sprouts on my doorstep (some woman get flowers, I get produce!)

blogs (esp. my children’s, which keep me up to date)


my new green bicycle
good tenants

being able to VOTE

being (yes, I really mean it!) a citizen of the United States of America

the U. S. Postal Service

service people who show up on time

comprehensive health care (God! Do I sound old!?)



small, family-run farms

The Peace Bridge

summer cottages and family to fill them

sandstone street curbs

Enrique Penalosa-former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia
believes that when you construct a good sidewalk, you are constructing democracy.

the raspberry bush at the corner of Delevan & Argyle (the owners seem disinterested in their berries, thus I have been plucking them since 1984)

folks that work so hard to ensure that my quality of life is BETTER, but for which I put forth little effort (preservationists, health care practitioners, musicians, translators, bloggers, airline personnel, beekeepers, and on and on….)
Favorite Book(s)

THE LIZARD CAGE: Karen Connelly
BLUE STAR: Tony Earley

Favorite CDs-Valentine cd from Greg & birthday cd from Norman
Favorite saying: uttered by Gordon while playing scrabble, “I often win, but I’m rarely winning.”

Best Performance: Raul Midón at The Tralf
Favorite movie: Juno
Best meal: I have decided that I can’t do this one, there are just TOO MANY!

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