Laila's 2008 List

New Orleans and a sense of hope
Barack Obama and a sense of hope
peach season in Georgia
paying off my car
youtube and subsequent early 90s dance parties
running into people you thought you had lost forever
crab boils and meeting friendly neighbors who hold them in your honor
premier’s coffee bean selection
Monday night sewing club/crochet club/all-around crafty club
my KitchenAid food processor, thanks pops!
getting to see my niece three times already this year!!!!!
hearing Lucy call me Yaiya
hearing Donovan call me Teetee Laila
Italian cashmere, specifically the sweater I bought in Florence
jars of pear sauce and dilly beans preserved from my garden and lining my shelves
oysters; on the half shell at Redfish, fried at Casemento’s and chargrilled at Drago’s
Books: Mudbound by Hilary Jordan and Feast of Love by Charles Baxter
Memorable Meals: El Quenepo in Vieques with the most incredible grilled meats and passionfruit creme brulee, Il Fagioli in Florence with Florentine steak, fagioli ucce’letto, tortelli di spinaci and torta di fichi with vin santo
Movies:  None come to mind but I have enjoyed watching the series Mad Men on Netflix
Music: Santogold

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  1. That Florentine steak w/Il fagoli… definitely goes down in the “top 5 meals of MY LIFE!” ..and this is coming from a person who has never even composed such a list b/c its normally so hard to narrow it down.. ooh lah lah!

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