Hoops' 2008 List

This year, I am most thankful for:
1. My mother, for watching my children every single day that I work. What an amazing and generous gift.
2. Memories of my grandmother, and for the opportunity to eulogize her, with my sister Val at my side.
3. The opportunity to observe the family of robins we had in our climbing rose this year–from egg to flight.
4. Maria Montessori and our Montessori school. I am inspired by Griffin and Harrison’s teachers and classrooms every day.
5. Barack Obama, being able to take part in a historic election, and the American people for making the right choice.
6. Children’s books which are not painful to read over and over and over again.
7. Letchworth camping with Harrison and Doug, snuggling them in the sleeping bags on a 30 degree night, and sharing hot cocoa with marshmallows in enamelware mugs.
8. The Twilight series and the guilty pleasure of being singularly absorbed into reading 2,000+ pages of such earnestly awful (yet titillating!) prose in a few short weeks.
9. New dahlia bulbs and blooms, which were spectacular this year.
10. Being able to go to the Rochester Public Market or Greece Farm Market every free Saturday, which is the bright side of being woken up at 6:30 AM by the hellions
11. Girl talk over the Thanksgiving Tasting supper at Hurd Orchards
12. Harrison’s growing appreciation for The Beatles (even though I may go mad if I have to hear ‘Revolution’ on the ride to school again tomorrow)
13. Picking and eating so many sweet cherries that our bellies hurt and our fingers turned red.
14. Having a progressive/feminist husband who is a true co-parent and partner.
15. My new sewing machine and the fun (fantasy?) of planning winter projects
16. The best of this year’s thrift store treasures: a cherry-red metal roller skate case repurposed to store train-set tracks; teacups for Val which match Gram’s dessert plates; and vintage juice glasses perfect for small hands.
17. The few days when the kids and cats all sleep in and it’s actually light out when I wake–like today!
18. Love, love, love, love. Crazy love.

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  1. Sara,
    I wish you could join us every Monday evening. We have a little sewing/knitting/crocheting club going. If you come, I promise we won’t play any Beatle’s music, but I must admit that “Revolution” is one of my favorites.

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