Greg's List

Things I am thankful for:

My children (they make me so proud),

My family,

My friends,

Work that is still challenging,

Travel, and the chronicling of same with my Nikon,

A partner that gets my craziness, inspires new travels, different adventures,
makes my children and friends hers as well and tolerates my experiments in the kitchen on Sundays and my quirkiness outside of the kitchen on most other days,

That two week period in the Fall where the leaves are just the right color and they seem to animate my way as I drive, walk or ride in their midst,

That untouched first snow that is oh so beautiful, which I saw much too early while on my way to Warsaw, N.Y. in early October,

Comfort food by and for comfortable friends,

Foreign movies that make you think, feel and appreciate a non-western industrial complex based point of view,

Jazz…. a beat….a vocalist that speaks to me… instrumental soloists…a melding that you can sometimes hear when the group is in a groove, finding the all but extinct small jazz club where the music is meant to be heard at, a rhythming that gets to you when you finally get it (not all jazz is meant to be got [at least by me]).

Art in its many forms…thanx to a partner that practices, appreciates and shares that art she makes, encounters and that seems to flourish all around her,

Computers and the things I am being exposed to as a result of them,

An opportunity to do something that I never thought I would be able to do in my lifetime…to not only see and vote for a viable presidential candidate of color but to be able to work for his election and to see him elected,

I am thankful for being a part of this history that is happening all around us right this very moment

Film:  There were a few, but my memory is poor.  Right now one of my favorites that comes to mind is the Paul Verhoven film Black Book with an amazing Carice van Houten, I am sure there are more, but….

Music:  Alison Crockett, Esperanza Spaulding, Gordon Webster, Sandra Nkake, Camille, Marcus Miller, SMV, Raul Midon, Kenny Barron, Don Byron… so much more music and so little time and money.

Books: As most of you know I am either into detective/mystery stories or sci-fi, but my most memorable read this year might have been A Thousand Splendid Suns, heart-wrenchingly sad yet beautifully written.