Cory's 2008 List

Thanks to Karima, Gordon and all for creating space for me to consider what I am thankful for, a rare reflective treat these days…

In 2008 I am thankful for:
nephews and niece

a credible presidential candidate that I can believe in
volunteer time well spent in Ohio and Iowa

that people now have an idea what community organizing is and that the profession is even respected in some circles

friendly vegetarians




lake michigan

dance parties

friends that send emails from far off places

the everglades


lower rent

friends that help you move twice in one year

house plants

being challenged

Book: Whatever it Takes by Paul Tough
Movie: hmmmm.  I just saw quantum of solace

Music: Gutter Butter

Trip: PNW!!!![errr, I mean Geneva in November]
Futbol Team: Barcelona

Meal: Pumpkin Ravioli in Brown Butter Sage Sauce at Ante Prima