Nicole's 2008 List of Gratitudes

Thank you to Karima and the whole family for inviting me to share in this tradition, as it has now become one of mine (even if I don’t always get around to doing it on time…)

This year, I feel very, very grateful for so many things so narrowing this down to a short and sweet list… well it will be tough, but here goes… As 2008 winds down, I am most grateful:

to be living a life that is so much more liberating, peaceful, and content than I can remember

that each new day seems to bring more beauty and joy to my life

the smell and taste of a REAL italian cappuccino

vipassana meditation

for challenge, hardship, and change… all of those wonderful gifts that make us stronger and more whole.. and for courage and strength that has surpassed my own imagination

for the love and support of my beautiful friends and family… especially during those times when I really needed it this year… I love you all!

pain au chocolat

to have the most dynamic and inspiring girlfriends… who just continue to change right along with me!

yoga classes w/a fabulous soundtrack.. just 2 blocks away from my apartment

the wonderful public transportation system here in SF

to have been blessed with the opportunity and courage to take an extended vacation from work.. in order to explore myself and the world in greater depth

the lovely SF hills that keep me healthy and slim w/o having to go to the gym! 🙂

for continually meeting new people that make me excited to be alive

brazilian dance classes with live drumming

for those glorious, tearful moments right after they announced the new president of the United States and flashed their cameras to depict hoards of people of all different races crying, dancing, and celebrating as one unified mass

modern art museums

for the great chefs that continually produce so many mouth-watering recipes that I am always wishing there were more hours in the day..

homemade pasta

for my newly discovered love of backpacking!

the opportunity to have seen Italy for the very first time w/my best friend- one of my favorite people in the whole world!

bright, sunny days being lazy at the beach


for the unparalleled beauty of a bright, starry night in the most remote areas in wild nature

fantastic foreign films

hot and steamy herbal tea on cold nights