tall and stout

how milk sweetens on heating just the right way

earplugs – did I say this last year? I think these are perhaps the most bang for your buck in any manufactured product ever


lengthy sunshine hours

eyeballs that continue to function with minimal deterioration

school, learning, dialogue, discourse

soup-to-nuts open source OS & software

a generation and culture that is increasingly ecologically sensitive

wireless internet… everywhere…

my own little space to live in


metacognitive ability, coping

care packages

persistence and progress observed in others

porters, stouts, cream ales, …

greek cuisine

hand-me-down hiking boots worn every day that last years

flexible deadlines

My best of’s are not new:
best food:  big rock trad on tap
best music: mgmt

best movie: farewell my concubine

best book: cognitive processing of chinese and related asian languages (–joke; I don’t read anymore)

best words: ludic, phatic, co-constructed, comity, problematize (could also be worst word)

Thanksgiving 2008

I am thankful for:

big rivers
old trees
high winds
disorganized gardens
a growing family
and always…. love, sweet love.

Danika's 2008 list

Fog that burns off
a daughter who is affectionate and generous
a husband who lets me run every Saturday
Quaker meetings
the smell of freshly roasted coffee
visiting relatives
friends who watch Lucy so Gordon and I can have some alone time
enjoying the best fall colors in Seattle in recent memory
real maple syrup
restaurants that offer decent, vegetarian/fish options
a good pie crust
Facebook- for allowing me to reconnect with old friends and keep up with existing ones
a health insurance plan that covers acupuncture
being excited about an election
a good jogging stroller
snow-capped mountains
camping as a family
car pool lanes

books: The Book Thief (Marcus Zusak), Into the Wild (Jon Krakauer)- also the movie, A Thousand Splendid Suns (Khaled Hosseini)
movies: I haven’t see very many. See above.
albums: I’m in a music rut. Probably Vampire Weekend. Also enjoyed the Allison Krauss and Robert Plant album.
meals: Nothing leaps to mind.
runs: doing the ultra-Ragnar Relay with Gordon (specifically, running across Deception Pass Bridge at sunrise).

Scott's 2008 List

The guestroom in Sara H-P’s Portland condo

Maureen’s acceptance into and funding for graduate school
Non-resident tuition waivers for part-time students (so I can take classes, too!)
The Willamette River

Amtrak Guest Rewards

Donations to the Center for Railroad Photography & Art (my employer)

Good relationships with editors (my freelance work)

A camera with usable ISO 1600
Free wireless Internet in libraries and coffee shops

Rainy Oregon Winters

Sunny Oregon Summers

Corvallis Farmer’s Market

Used bikes (and lots of bike lanes)

New and old friends
A world that again has hope in, and for, America

  • Book: Potiki, by Patricia Grace
  • Movie: The Darjeeling Limited
  • Album: Stories, by Misty River
  • Event: The Center for Railroad Photography & Art’s 2008 Conference, where I was a featured presenter!!!
  • Meal: My first Ethiopian dining experience at Portland’s Queen of Sheba

Gordon's List 2008

Things to be thankful for:



And remember to help build our park by buying from Amazon with this link this holiday season.

Karima 2008

Dear Ones,

This is an abbreviated list. I would tax time and space if I listed all I have to be thankful for. Know that YOU are on my list, not so hidden between the lines.

Karima’s 2008 List
memories of Albert

kind veterinarians

having a Sweetheart who is open to adventure

seeing the world anew through Lucy

Lucy’s layers (if you aren’t sure what I’m referring to, check out Nika’s blog at machaggis.net)

brussel sprouts on my doorstep (some woman get flowers, I get produce!)

blogs (esp. my children’s, which keep me up to date)


my new green bicycle
good tenants

being able to VOTE

being (yes, I really mean it!) a citizen of the United States of America

the U. S. Postal Service

service people who show up on time

comprehensive health care (God! Do I sound old!?)



small, family-run farms

The Peace Bridge

summer cottages and family to fill them

sandstone street curbs

Enrique Penalosa-former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia
believes that when you construct a good sidewalk, you are constructing democracy.

the raspberry bush at the corner of Delevan & Argyle (the owners seem disinterested in their berries, thus I have been plucking them since 1984)

folks that work so hard to ensure that my quality of life is BETTER, but for which I put forth little effort (preservationists, health care practitioners, musicians, translators, bloggers, airline personnel, beekeepers, and on and on….)
Favorite Book(s)

THE LIZARD CAGE: Karen Connelly
BLUE STAR: Tony Earley

Favorite CDs-Valentine cd from Greg & birthday cd from Norman
Favorite saying: uttered by Gordon while playing scrabble, “I often win, but I’m rarely winning.”

Best Performance: Raul Midón at The Tralf
Favorite movie: Juno
Best meal: I have decided that I can’t do this one, there are just TOO MANY!