A Toast from our Pal Dave (Sipos)

I drive a ’94 beater
in piss-poor condition
it’s a gas eater
and it needs a transmission
my attic’s a wreck
my basement needs bailing
I could user a new deck
and a new front porch railing (…or 5 or 6…)
my roof is a mess
aesthetically speaking
it’s anyone’s guess
when it will start leaking
I’m hounded by debts
hated by banks
yet I have no regrets
and I want to give thanks
I’m pretty healthy
from what I can tell
y’know I’m not wealthy,
but then – what the hell!
my wife is a dish
my kids are first class
the food is delish
so let’s raise our glass
here’s to my car
and the roof up above
to things as they are
and the people I love
Happy Thanksgiving!