Karima's 2009 List

I am thankful for:

  • fresh, crisp, snowy white linens (TY Nika & Gordon)
  • my husband (!) who comes with (among other things) a beautiful set of family china (TY Aunt Betty)
  • my GROWING family ( a new granddaughter, Beatrix Jane, born 11-16-09, new(step) daughters,brother-in-law, parents, etc.)
  • flickr
  • United States Postal Service
  • Bill Cunningham-his bike and his camera
  • wireless
  • The New York Times at our front door every Sunday morning
  • a driveway
  • a garage
  • friends who know how to cook (well!) and offer their talents (TY Norman…Stephen too)
  • airplanes that bring my children to me and me to them
  • family recipes
  • kitchen items that belonged to family members before me
  • aprons
  • comfy slippers
  • a fireplace
  • knitting
  • audio books
  • bells (church, jingle, door,bicycle, etc.)
  • students who tell me when my clothes are on inside out (yikes)
  • working and living in my home town
  • friends who shop for me (wedding dress-TY Ardvisura)
  • friends who take care of ALL the details (TY Sandra)
  • ALWAYS, the public library

Kay Ryan(16th Poet Laureate) and her thoughts on libraries:
“Keep the libraries open; cherish your branch library.  Don’t let a single library close.  Have the maximum hours.  Libraries are our freedom.  Libraries are truly democratic.  Anybody can go in there, and teach herself, and be free.”

the above from an interview with Grace Cavalieri in September 2008.  Published in THE AMERICAN POETRY REVIEW. July/August 2009 issue.

A few favorites of 2009:


  • A Map of Home by  Randa Jarrar
  • The Help by Kathryn Sockett
  • Flight by Sherman Alexie
  • The Animal Family (children’s) by Randall Jarrell

every Sunday

Never be the brightest person  in the room; then you can’t learn anything.

James Dewey Watson
discovered the structure of DNA.

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Gordon's List 2009

(The lists are on hiatus this year due to house moves and babies, but I’m cheating).