Tessa's Thanksgiving List

  • bubble baths
  • ballet
  • treadmills
  • making life changing decisions on the treadmill
  • moments of clarity
  • strangers believing in you
  • getting interviewing experience and having the choice of jobs in a poor job market
  • dating someone who likes to cook dinner and made my lunch complete with the little blue freezer pack for the first two weeks of my new job!
  • Greek yogurt,grapefruits, avocados,mangoes, toast,kiwis, melons, strawberries and being able to pick all the raspberries i want from my grandmothers backyard
  • Luna bars specifically chocolate peppermint stick! im addicted
  • Bedding: really good sheets, new pillows heavy comforters
  • having a car GIVEN to me
  • having a car that is so loud (I call it “the beast”) that i know everyone knows im coming so im less likely to hit them and i can sing and listen to music super loud and not worry about anyone hearing me!
  • climbing my first mountain I will admit I almost cried twice due to extreme fear of heights
  • New spiffy new gear for the next mountain adventure
  • lavender mom brought home from nika’s to sew into anything to make everything spell lovely
  • the word lovely
  • great sisters plus my new one kim!
  • having a new stepfamily who always has my back
  • going over to my moms house for at home spa days
  • new socks
  • keihls lotions and all products
  • shopping buddies
  • having friends that also want to travel and have thanksgiving dinners for me when they find out im missing out this year
  • GOING TO INDIA: life changing
  • waking up to the sunrise at fargo
  • tea, fizzy water, coffee on Saturdays and sparkling wine
  • i know im not meant to add family to the list but they are my everything and allow me to be thankful for everything else
  • having a lot to be thankful for!

Kim's list

Of the several things that I am thankful for, here are a few:

The feel of cold steel in my latexed hand (I know it sounds weird but I love it)

The look of appreciation on a patient’s face

The feeling of being “Superwoman” at least once a week that outweighs the feeling of being an idiot the rest of the week

258 Parkwood Avenue

Someone to watch scary movies with

Sunday Dinners

Being back home in Buffalo

cricket's list

Sorry I’m so late, but grateful I made it in the nick of time. xoxox Cricket

loving caretakers

a buddha father

partner sisters

a red headed baby girl

lipstick that stays on

lavender salts in the bath

bracelets that jingle




and of course…always

love, sweet love

zaynab's Thanksgiving List

1.  The gift of healing that allows me to be here today.

2.  Being reminded in delightful ways that things are not always as they seem to be.

3.  The fact that Cher is still going strong at 64, and how gorgeous she looks on the cover of Vanity Fair.

4.  The free coffee I get from using my Starbucks card.

5.  Getting to see my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew, who now live in Rochester, much more often.

6.  Hats.

7.  My newly renovated kitchen and its fabulous hardwood floor.

8.  My new work with Grace Urban Ministries and re-entry women.

9.  This great late November weather.

10.  The full moon.

11.  My life-changing hearing aids.

Dominick's List

1. White Peony Tea. You make me feel so good every time I drink you and you taste like flowers.

2. A comfortable place to live with a great roommate.

3. Random videos and texts from my niece and nephew.

4. The hospitality and warmth of my hosts in Northern Ireland, and those huge Irish breakfasts they cooked for me.

5. Good colleagues.

6. Everyone who gave (and gives) me room to grow.

7. Mashed cauliflower, pumpkin puree and truffle oil.

8. A good salsa band in the middle of Ohio and people with whom I can dance.

9. History with my old friends.

10. Mercies great and small.

11. Good-smelling air (different every season).

12. Familial warmth.

Mary's List

Jim Beach! Ahhh, how thankful I am! And for everything that’s so exciting about a new relationship!

A salary based paycheck I get even if I can not make it into work!

Children that do not get out of bed by themselves! They call mommy 1st. (This allows much needed privacy for this single mom in a new relationship!)

My parents love and support!

My first vacation in 5 years and 1st ever sister trip to see my good friend Laila in Nola!

My 81 year old grandma who I can rely on to watch my children.

All the books I read this summer that helped me more than even therapy in adjusting to my new life as a single mom. Especially, Many Masters Many Lives by: Dr. Brian Weiss

Yoga and Pilates (when I have time)

Playing make believe with my kids! Any time that I have to spare playing with them instead of cooking, cleaning, etc.

Nightly dance parties to Sail Away, Enya, with Sadie and little Sasha!


My mom’s cooking! And my own talents in the kitchen actually! Do you realize how most America eats? Disturbing.

PBS Kids television programming! Totally age appropriate!

Did I mention Jim Beach? 🙂

Greg's List

Mornings in the Man-Cave as the sun comes up

Saturday morning breakfasts with my folks

Sunday morning breakfasts at Amy’s Place with you know who

Sunday mornings period, the Times, strong coffee and menu planning the evening’s fare

Being able to practice law for a living

Single Barrel Bourbon

Birthday Dinners with my Boys

Being able to go on our West Coast tour

A doctor in the family

Teachers, not just because of you know who, but for what they did for me when I was still pliable and my head was not so hard

Music in its many forms

Living in a city with so many architectural delights and in a neighborhood that exemplifies so many of those attributes

Holidays and the smells that warm you when you enter a home, especially those at 16 Willow Lawn at cookie baking time

The Toggs Dinner (Thanx Norman, Kevin, Minnie Ripperton, KarimaDee, Da’Quinn and Vic Vic)

Intimate nights at a hot Jazz Club and not so intimate Jazz Festivals in the Summer

Jazz at the Albright Knox

A partner that loves to entertain as much as I do and does it so much better than I

First Christmas in the new home

Making the 2010 Christmas CD

Favorite Music Artists: Hiromi, Esperanza, Jose James, Vijay Iyer, Stanley Clark, the Sonnys (Clark & Criss) and so much more

Favorite Books:  The Coroner’s Lunch by Colin Cotterill, The Stieg Larson Books (The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo and the Girl Who Played With Fire), Perdido Station by China Mieville, A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving and Bernard Malamud’s The Fixer

Favorite Movies:  Avatar, Hereafter

Favorite Meals:  There were far too many, an Italian Bistro in Sonoma on a lovely summer night with my blushing bride, anything at San Marco and KarimaDee’s Spaghetti and Meatballs

Al's and Lyn's list

We are so thankful for:

Living in the city, close to Lyn’s job at Mercy Hospital and Balboa Park and the world famous San Diego Zoo.

Living together after 20+ years of commuting.

People who come to visit us. (There is a guest room in our building, better than any hotel.)

A spectacular view of Lindberg Field’s landing strip, planes that fly by our windows, San Diego Bay, boats and sounds of the city – trains, fire trucks, ambulances, buses and cars.

Nurses who explain mysteries, even when they don’t know exactly why something works – like narrow band ultra-violet light for terrible systemic itchiness.

Books on disk.

The full moon.

Sisters of Mercy.

People who collect food for the indigent and homeless.

Research on communication in families dealing with severe health issues like cancer.

Phone amplification devices.

Real letters in the mail.

Service Clubs

Getting close to eradicating polio in the world.

A good bakery nearby.

People who talk with us on the elevator.

People who give clear directions.

Decent weather and eating lunch outside in November.

Phone calls from friends and family.

Quilts and what goes into making them.

Art in its many forms and especially public art in the neighborhoods.

Parks and green spaces in cities.

Spirituality and many different expressions of it.


Our President Obama, who keeps going forward in the face of way too much harrassment and negative plans to block his vision.


People who pick up after their dogs, as they walk them.

The technology that makes this type of sharing across the miles possible.

Joe's List

wine (red)

family in chicago

people who love food

wine (non-white)

people who hold doors for others

learning about gluten (Madi now gluten free)

teaching a young person how to drive (Dominic road test 11/23/2010!) 

waking up in the morning and no part of my body hurts, aches or cracks, at least for the first few minutes of the day

a good cup of coffee on a cold morning

feeling fortunate

people who bring joy to others – expecting none in return

impacting Gordon… white wine lover???


wine white red