Gordon's 2010 List


* Opening the cupboard and finding crisps
* A wife who is generally two steps ahead of me
* Having house insurance that paid out (new bike!)
* People who say “I purchased wine yesterday, all red, as red is the only color wine should be, but if there are individuals who are of the thought process that wine can be a color other than red, please let your undesirability be known.”
* Having the generally “easiest baby ever” ™
* The new Doctor Who
* Martin, for being in Scotland just when he was needed, more than once
* Being in a position where we can be do many things without fretting
* Dirty blonde curly hair
* Finally seeing James
* Dora and Diego and the distraction they provide
* Great homemade meals
* Cadbury’s and Branston Pickle and the memory of Irn Bru
* The best 3-year old pancake helper there is
* New home, lots of space, a table in the kitchen
* Flights that get you from _here_ to _there_ really quickly when you need to
* That volcano knowing when not to be spewing
* Cameras and flickr and capturing moments of time


A good year, a selection of my faves…

* Avett Brothers – I and Love and You
* Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More
* Stornoway – Beachcomber’s WIndowsill
* Band of Horses – Infinite Arms


Nothing makes me think my life will never be the same, but for the sake of pointing at something not half bad:

* Sherlock Holmes
* 9


* Surface Detail
* Copper
* Planetary 1,2,3 (graphic novels)
* Boneshaker

3 Replies to “Gordon's 2010 List”

  1. I liked Sherlock Holmes too. (so few of my friends did…snobs)

    Thanks so much for the website, I am in the BEST mood this morning because of it! Have a great day, safe travels!
    – Cory

  2. I love “easiest baby ever”TM (I can’t make that superscript), the “red wine” speech (now, what side are you on?), and the NEW Doctor Who (got to see him) — Gene Y

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