Al's and Lyn's list

We are so thankful for:

Living in the city, close to Lyn’s job at Mercy Hospital and Balboa Park and the world famous San Diego Zoo.

Living together after 20+ years of commuting.

People who come to visit us. (There is a guest room in our building, better than any hotel.)

A spectacular view of Lindberg Field’s landing strip, planes that fly by our windows, San Diego Bay, boats and sounds of the city – trains, fire trucks, ambulances, buses and cars.

Nurses who explain mysteries, even when they don’t know exactly why something works – like narrow band ultra-violet light for terrible systemic itchiness.

Books on disk.

The full moon.

Sisters of Mercy.

People who collect food for the indigent and homeless.

Research on communication in families dealing with severe health issues like cancer.

Phone amplification devices.

Real letters in the mail.

Service Clubs

Getting close to eradicating polio in the world.

A good bakery nearby.

People who talk with us on the elevator.

People who give clear directions.

Decent weather and eating lunch outside in November.

Phone calls from friends and family.

Quilts and what goes into making them.

Art in its many forms and especially public art in the neighborhoods.

Parks and green spaces in cities.

Spirituality and many different expressions of it.


Our President Obama, who keeps going forward in the face of way too much harrassment and negative plans to block his vision.


People who pick up after their dogs, as they walk them.

The technology that makes this type of sharing across the miles possible.