Dominick's List

1. White Peony Tea. You make me feel so good every time I drink you and you taste like flowers.

2. A comfortable place to live with a great roommate.

3. Random videos and texts from my niece and nephew.

4. The hospitality and warmth of my hosts in Northern Ireland, and those huge Irish breakfasts they cooked for me.

5. Good colleagues.

6. Everyone who gave (and gives) me room to grow.

7. Mashed cauliflower, pumpkin puree and truffle oil.

8. A good salsa band in the middle of Ohio and people with whom I can dance.

9. History with my old friends.

10. Mercies great and small.

11. Good-smelling air (different every season).

12. Familial warmth.

2 Replies to “Dominick's List”

  1. ahhh Dominick, such lovely things to be thankful for! Wish I could be one of those people you Salsa with! I went with Laila in NO and am hooked. Haven’t been since though. Gonna try this weekend. Happy Turkey Day! Mary

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