Greg's List

Mornings in the Man-Cave as the sun comes up

Saturday morning breakfasts with my folks

Sunday morning breakfasts at Amy’s Place with you know who

Sunday mornings period, the Times, strong coffee and menu planning the evening’s fare

Being able to practice law for a living

Single Barrel Bourbon

Birthday Dinners with my Boys

Being able to go on our West Coast tour

A doctor in the family

Teachers, not just because of you know who, but for what they did for me when I was still pliable and my head was not so hard

Music in its many forms

Living in a city with so many architectural delights and in a neighborhood that exemplifies so many of those attributes

Holidays and the smells that warm you when you enter a home, especially those at 16 Willow Lawn at cookie baking time

The Toggs Dinner (Thanx Norman, Kevin, Minnie Ripperton, KarimaDee, Da’Quinn and Vic Vic)

Intimate nights at a hot Jazz Club and not so intimate Jazz Festivals in the Summer

Jazz at the Albright Knox

A partner that loves to entertain as much as I do and does it so much better than I

First Christmas in the new home

Making the 2010 Christmas CD

Favorite Music Artists: Hiromi, Esperanza, Jose James, Vijay Iyer, Stanley Clark, the Sonnys (Clark & Criss) and so much more

Favorite Books:  The Coroner’s Lunch by Colin Cotterill, The Stieg Larson Books (The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo and the Girl Who Played With Fire), Perdido Station by China Mieville, A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving and Bernard Malamud’s The Fixer

Favorite Movies:  Avatar, Hereafter

Favorite Meals:  There were far too many, an Italian Bistro in Sonoma on a lovely summer night with my blushing bride, anything at San Marco and KarimaDee’s Spaghetti and Meatballs

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  1. What a great list! Your descriptions make me want to come visit Buffalo and just hang out with you two the whole time, or at least on Sunday… can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow!
    – Cory

  2. Who is this “you know who” you speak of? I can’t possibly imagine! looking forward to spending your first Christmas at Willowlawn with you!!!!!

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