Mary's List

Jim Beach! Ahhh, how thankful I am! And for everything that’s so exciting about a new relationship!

A salary based paycheck I get even if I can not make it into work!

Children that do not get out of bed by themselves! They call mommy 1st. (This allows much needed privacy for this single mom in a new relationship!)

My parents love and support!

My first vacation in 5 years and 1st ever sister trip to see my good friend Laila in Nola!

My 81 year old grandma who I can rely on to watch my children.

All the books I read this summer that helped me more than even therapy in adjusting to my new life as a single mom. Especially, Many Masters Many Lives by: Dr. Brian Weiss

Yoga and Pilates (when I have time)

Playing make believe with my kids! Any time that I have to spare playing with them instead of cooking, cleaning, etc.

Nightly dance parties to Sail Away, Enya, with Sadie and little Sasha!


My mom’s cooking! And my own talents in the kitchen actually! Do you realize how most America eats? Disturbing.

PBS Kids television programming! Totally age appropriate!

Did I mention Jim Beach? 🙂

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