Tessa's Thanksgiving List

  • bubble baths
  • ballet
  • treadmills
  • making life changing decisions on the treadmill
  • moments of clarity
  • strangers believing in you
  • getting interviewing experience and having the choice of jobs in a poor job market
  • dating someone who likes to cook dinner and made my lunch complete with the little blue freezer pack for the first two weeks of my new job!
  • Greek yogurt,grapefruits, avocados,mangoes, toast,kiwis, melons, strawberries and being able to pick all the raspberries i want from my grandmothers backyard
  • Luna bars specifically chocolate peppermint stick! im addicted
  • Bedding: really good sheets, new pillows heavy comforters
  • having a car GIVEN to me
  • having a car that is so loud (I call it “the beast”) that i know everyone knows im coming so im less likely to hit them and i can sing and listen to music super loud and not worry about anyone hearing me!
  • climbing my first mountain I will admit I almost cried twice due to extreme fear of heights
  • New spiffy new gear for the next mountain adventure
  • lavender mom brought home from nika’s to sew into anything to make everything spell lovely
  • the word lovely
  • great sisters plus my new one kim!
  • having a new stepfamily who always has my back
  • going over to my moms house for at home spa days
  • new socks
  • keihls lotions and all products
  • shopping buddies
  • having friends that also want to travel and have thanksgiving dinners for me when they find out im missing out this year
  • GOING TO INDIA: life changing
  • waking up to the sunrise at fargo
  • tea, fizzy water, coffee on Saturdays and sparkling wine
  • i know im not meant to add family to the list but they are my everything and allow me to be thankful for everything else
  • having a lot to be thankful for!

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