JoMarie's List

~for menopausal brides who can find love and companionship inspite of our changing bodies, changing moods, changing… ( that would be karima and me!!)

~for all those health care providers who have given my mother some quality and dignity to her life as she enters the final life stage.

~for my sister Celeste’s quick wit and sense of humor as she helps my mother and father navigate this scary sickness part of their lives…and, yes, i will visit you in jail if you commit patricide due to my crazy Sicilian father’s antics and explosions!

~ for my husband’s patience and candor and creative handiman abilities.

~ for rice and lavender heating bags…my best friends when it comes to my numerous aches and pains

~ silk pillow cases that make my face less squished and wrinkled in the morning

Mary's list

Thankful for

my companion & love Eric – He’s a gentleman with a loving spirit.

my family-love them with all my heart.

for all God has given me

the opportunity to see/watch animals  in nature

Pies! Not just the ones that taste good, but onesthat  look like art. 

really sharp pencils

my crazy cats, that hep me to understand things are really not “that serious”.

simple books – that make you stop & think about the basics in life.  The ones that keep you grounded.

beautiful friends – like you

Laila's 2010 List

  • Parades for every occasion. That’s NOLA, baby!
  • Hotels with free wi-fi.  You’d think they all have it but you would be wrong.
  • Chivalrous strangers
  • Duck stock
  • Oysters and having them back after a frightening hiatus.
  • Electric kettles
  • Fig trees
  • Having a washer and dryer on the GROUND FLOOR and INSIDE my house!  No more creepy basements or scary sheds for me!
  • Discovering the Alto Adige region of Italy and their beautiful wines
  • Bayou St. John and Spanish moss
  • Pumpkin spice lattes on crisp, fall days, walking the pups and kicking through delicious smelling leaves  (I just came back from Denver, obviously I am not referring to New Orleans)
  • Being able to walk to work (now that it is not 8,000 degrees out every day)
  • Having a dog who knows when I am sad and gives me lots of kisses
  • The boyfriend being a super handyman.  There are many other reasons I am thankful for him but man, that walk-in closet he built me is GREAT!
  • Free, spontaneous street music
  • Toasted brown rice green tea
  • Fresh caught fish.  Again, the boyfriend delivers!
  • Sidereel
  • Sounds of the streetcar
  • Yelp
  • Quiet nights and fleece pajamas
  • Being able to always go home

Favorite Book:  Hmm, I read a lot of duds this year.  The books that were most notable include “Who Will Run Frog Hospital?””Watership Down” and “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian.”

Favorite Album:  I don’t know anything about albums, when was the last time I actually bought one?  Anyway, I’m liking Buika lately.

Favorite Movie:  Once.  I’m sure this came out a while ago but I am woefully out of date.

Favorite Meal:  This is hard because I eat so damn good.  I’m going with dinner at my house with my love, my New Orleans brother, my best friend, her babies, my mamma and Gregoire.  Grilled oysters, drum and amberjack with chermoula and tzatziki, mustard greens, corn and potatoes, shredded beets, ginger-poached mirliton and a fig vinaigrette.   Bruleed bananas foster over homemade lucuma-manjar ice cream.  Good food and SO MUCH LOVE.

Favorite Wine:  I’m adding this category this year.  Orin Swift’s “The Prisoner”

Cudden Duddens Thanksgiving list

  • I am most thankful for my Mother & Father!  They are beyond beautiful both inside and out!  They love each other, the Lord, life, laughter, and me!  And for all that and so much more I am eternally  thankful and forever grateful!
  • Thankful to Family and Friends who support my ambitions,  comfort me when I’m down,  listen when I need to vent, feed my soul when it needs nourishment, and love me unconditionally!
  • There are NO words to say how Thankful I am to my Geggy & Kay for sharing Kimmy Yo Yo & Rock a Bill Bill with me!!!   For the love of my beautiful Woogie Dots, thankful, grateful, appreciative are just NOT enough!
  • Foodies
  • Golfers
  • Skiers
  • National Association of Black Scuba Divers (NABS) ~ Warm Tropical Waters (skins only)     Live the good life – love your oceans – go diving!
  • The Craft:  Creativity ~  Collaboration ~ Commitment ~ Compensation!
  • Hope ~ Anticipation ~ Faith ~ Fantasy ~ Forgiveness!

More on 2010

This year we have created a single user for all 2010 posts:

  1. username: tg2010
  2. password: 2010

Please use this. Remember to use your name in the title of your list!

As we’re dusting this blog off from last major use in 2008 (2009 was a little fallow) it’s had its normal share of wordpress internet hack attacks (400 users anyone?) so we have moved all previous blog posts under a historical name called ‘old-lists’, except for karima and myself of course.

Let’s hope there aren’t too many other hacky things lying around.

Karima's 2010 List

  • antibiotics
  • ibuprofen
  • people who DON’T steal
  • car beeps that tell you your lights are still on
  • clotheslines
  • contractors who do what they are contracted to do when they are contracted to do it
  • REAL books
  • paper
  • the public library
  • good intentions (even if they’re NOT implemented; they’re still GOOD!)
  • photos that keep me in touch with my grandchildren
  • being in a place where we can share what we have
  • our bountiful table
  • YouTube for short clips that help me when I’m stuck with something (knitting instructions)
  • Dances of Universal Peace
  • Singing with others
  • Time change: when we “fall back”
  • goodreads
  • my children’s blogs
  • Preservationists who help save/restore our city’s heritage
  • the ordinary
  • silence
  • all of YOU. My cup runneth over and over. Grazie and so much more.

Favorite book:

A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

Favorite Film:

Maltese Falcon

Saying:“Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to 2010

It’s time for 2010 Thanksgiving Lists.

I know it’s been a long time but keep the list true and simple:

* things to be thankful for

* memories of 2010 (aka favourite books, movies, smells, music etc)

And yes, you won’t remember your passwords etc so if you need to just email Gordon and we’ll sort you out with your old account or a nice shiny new one.

Happy Thangsiving!  Can we eat yet?