Laura's list

Getting to spend everyday with my loving partner for life.

Kayaking on the big lake.

Friends and family coming from all over the country to celebrate love.

Monday girls nights.

Grandparents that I still learn from.

A sister that scores all the points for her roller derby team.

A job that still challenges me.

Seeing my first bear up close and then watching it walk away.

Fleece pants and slippers.

Sleeper trains abroad and at home.

Saturday morning breakfasts.

Books: The Glass Castle, All Aunt Hagel’s Children.

Concerts: Gillian Welch at the Royal Oak Theater, Opera in Millinium Park.

Meals: The lobster we boiled and ate in our over the water honeymoon hut.

Gordon's 2011 List

* Kisses from Little Ones
* Saturday afternoon naps on the red couch with L
* Being out in the world this summer
* Technology and it’s uses
* Every day

Book: Pandora’s Star, Peter F Hamilton, because, you know, space opera is just fun
Movie: X-Men First Class. Seriously I don’t see much, but this was good.
Album: 21, Adele
Concert: Avett Brothers

Lyn and Al's list 2011

We are so thankful:

That our Carlsbad house didn’t sell, held up well in our absence and we are back at home in it.

That we were able to find, unbroken, almost everything that went on the moving truck.

For nurses who take extraordinary care of their patients, including surprise birthday celebrations along with light treatments.

The full moon.


Sisters of Mercy.

All of those who try to help the indigent and homeless.

Service Clubs, especially Rotary International. The Rotary Foundation.

Research on communication in families dealing with sever health issues like cancer.

Phone amplification devices.

Real letters in the mail.

Email, which among other things, masks the loss of handwriting capability.

Mohs surgery.

COBRA and Social Security benefits.

Being “this close” to eradicating polio. Less than 1000 known cases in the world at this point.

Friends who welcomed us back to Carlsbad.

People who give clear driving directions.

Phone calls from family and friends.

Quilts and what goes into making them.

Art in its many forms and especially public art in the neighborhoods.

Spirituality and many different expressions of it.

Public parks and green spaces.

Kindle that can fit in anywhere and travel with us.

The opportunity to travel.



Volunteers the world over.

People who pick up after their dogs, as they walk them.

Friends of friends who become friends. Networking. Conferences with interesting topics and the opportunity to talk with like-minded people.

Those who provide additional chances to participate.

Weddings, holidays, opportunities to get together with others.

Memories of those we have loved and lost.

Technology that makes this type of sharing possible.

Greg's List

A new roof over our head;

The smell of a fire coming from our own fireplace;

The sun streaming into the man cave as I write this;

The Complete Ahmad Jamal Trio Argo Sessions 1956-1962 which I am listening to right now as well;

Kindles, Ipods, Iphones;

Living 10 minutes from Delaware Park by foot and 5 minutes by bicycle;

Spending time with grown daughters and growing granddaughters;

The Mistress of Meatballs, salted caramel and earthly garden delights;

The Detroit Jazz Festival with friends and mornings at the Inn of Ferry Street;

Friends and family that put up with all my quirks (which I like to refer to as quaint little nuances);

Being able to put on the first and only TOGG’s dinner with my boy from high school and beyond, Norman;

A bottle of wine and thine my love.

Best of lists, for me usually mean the last whatever it was (book, movie, cd, concert) I encountered; but I will attempt to do so:

Concert: I was fortunate enough to see a number of really good concerts this year, but it had to be Angelique Kidjo, Dianne Reeves and Lizz  Wright “Sing The Truth;

Movie:  Haven’t seen many this year, but I really liked “The Help”, but I saw that on Saturday, so I will say “Midnight In Paris” which I saw some time ago but still recall it fondly;

CD:  Ben Williams “State of Art”, Irma “Letter to the Lord” , Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa “Don’t Explain”  (I know it’s  more than one, but I did keep it to three!;

Book: “The Windup Girl” by Paolo Bacigaupi.

Kim's List

I have more to be thankful for than I could even place on this list, but this is what comes to me in my post call, no sleep state:

Coming home to a warm house and snuggly pajamas

Days off to sleep in

Strong arms to keep me warm and safe

Cheese (I LOVE cheese, it makes me happy!)

And chocolate (which I also LOVE!)

Hearing, “Good job” from an attending

Adult relationships with my parents (Yay, I’m not a little girl anymore!)

Family near and far, here on earth or watching from the heavens, I cherish you all

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tessa's list

as it is a week before my exams i have to admit most of these are very law school centered. my apologies.

I am foremost most grateful for the opportunity to be educated and to have a established a group of friends that are such a support network.

Finding upperclassmen who are willing to read my memos and solve my legal research crisis the night before it is due.

Having an attorney in the family who is a phone call away.

Getting care packages from my mamma (since i can’t just say my mamma) they are always a pick me up and pretty much makes every other person in the library jealous.

Phone calls with my sistsers

decorating my room with pictures of my nieces and nephews

reading my sister’s blogs to keep up to date with foods sampled and family photos

Christmas music on pandora

Examples and Explanations for all of my classes

meeting people that i never ever would imagine existed in real life

getting pictures of meals that i get to try when i come home

the recording mechanism on my computer

an extra ipod to listen to class recordings


soup, ginger candies, apple rings, coconut water, avocados and artichokes, Parmesan cheese

naps…sleeping in…

having travel experiences  and a more open world view

having conversations that are not political

a graduation trip to Mexico so i can see my Seattle family

bear hugs

WEGMANS- i have never thought i would miss a grocery store more now thta i have to drive 30 min to get to the nearest Walmart

sampling all the blue cheeses in wegmans and having a boyfriend that is willing to ask for samples for me

Buffalove <3

having 4  different thanksgiving invites from friends when i can’t go home

making friends with people who have friends that get me jobs… (barbri)

TA sessions with handouts I can color code and put in my outlines

Favorite books- Examples and Explanations and the Understanding Series ( pretty lame i know), vogue elle and the new york times for fashion and news fixes

Michael K's 2011 Thanksgiving list

my beloved wife Phyllis

loved and loving friends & family

food, shelter, health


Miles Davis, Jimmy Smith, Trane, Wes, Bill, etcetera

rock ‘n’ roll ( the real thing, played by humans with some soul)

our cats

New Balance running shoes


travelling to Europe

returning home from Europe

inexpensive but excellent French and Italian wine

cool crisp autumn air

Laila's 2011 List

Working in the yard with our first composted soil
Neighborhood fig trees, pecans, satsumas and Meyer lemons.
Generous and friendly neighbors.
Reading in the hammock under the sway of my palm trees.
My perfect little cottage, its transom windows, winding jasmine and ample cupboards.
Book club and its wise women.
Traveling and coming home again, especially with my most wonderful and patient traveling companion.
Having access to the NOLA Public Library AND Tulane’s vast library as well.
The watermelon and okra man down the street, who becomes the yam and satsuma man in the fall.
Tuition waivers.
My mother, who is awed by elephants and spaghetti, but more importantly, shows me the awe-inspiring in the mundane.
People who have the courage and determination to be the voice for us all.
Moonlight on the bayou.
My Fox, who I love, enjoy and admire.

Favorite Book: The Master Butchers Singing Club

Mary Beth's List 2011

This year I am grateful for:

• running injury-free and unencumbered for 11 months

• boxing classes at KC’s fitness and the instruction by a very young but very wise teacher

• double nap times when they happen

• Biscoff spread

• central-ish air conditioning

• Eliot’s smooth (finally) transition to preschool

• a husband who gets up in the night with one or more child right along with me

• friends who make the effort to plan nights out

• a relatively uneventful year

• newfound perspective

• early morning runs with and without friends

• good books and new authors

• The Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, the Avett Brothers, Danger Mouse, Wilco, Belle and Sebastian

• Spotify

• Grandparents who babysit willingly, often, and for free

Joe's list 2011

Recipes that end up tasting as good as the picture looks.

People who have little to give, but much to offer.

Special people who are unaware of their gift.