Laila's 2011 List

Working in the yard with our first composted soil
Neighborhood fig trees, pecans, satsumas and Meyer lemons.
Generous and friendly neighbors.
Reading in the hammock under the sway of my palm trees.
My perfect little cottage, its transom windows, winding jasmine and ample cupboards.
Book club and its wise women.
Traveling and coming home again, especially with my most wonderful and patient traveling companion.
Having access to the NOLA Public Library AND Tulane’s vast library as well.
The watermelon and okra man down the street, who becomes the yam and satsuma man in the fall.
Tuition waivers.
My mother, who is awed by elephants and spaghetti, but more importantly, shows me the awe-inspiring in the mundane.
People who have the courage and determination to be the voice for us all.
Moonlight on the bayou.
My Fox, who I love, enjoy and admire.

Favorite Book: The Master Butchers Singing Club

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