Mary Beth's List 2011

This year I am grateful for:

• running injury-free and unencumbered for 11 months

• boxing classes at KC’s fitness and the instruction by a very young but very wise teacher

• double nap times when they happen

• Biscoff spread

• central-ish air conditioning

• Eliot’s smooth (finally) transition to preschool

• a husband who gets up in the night with one or more child right along with me

• friends who make the effort to plan nights out

• a relatively uneventful year

• newfound perspective

• early morning runs with and without friends

• good books and new authors

• The Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, the Avett Brothers, Danger Mouse, Wilco, Belle and Sebastian

• Spotify

• Grandparents who babysit willingly, often, and for free