Tessa's list

as it is a week before my exams i have to admit most of these are very law school centered. my apologies.

I am foremost most grateful for the opportunity to be educated and to have a established a group of friends that are such a support network.

Finding upperclassmen who are willing to read my memos and solve my legal research crisis the night before it is due.

Having an attorney in the family who is a phone call away.

Getting care packages from my mamma (since i can’t just say my mamma) they are always a pick me up and pretty much makes every other person in the library jealous.

Phone calls with my sistsers

decorating my room with pictures of my nieces and nephews

reading my sister’s blogs to keep up to date with foods sampled and family photos

Christmas music on pandora

Examples and Explanations for all of my classes

meeting people that i never ever would imagine existed in real life

getting pictures of meals that i get to try when i come home

the recording mechanism on my computer

an extra ipod to listen to class recordings


soup, ginger candies, apple rings, coconut water, avocados and artichokes, Parmesan cheese

naps…sleeping in…

having travel experiences  and a more open world view

having conversations that are not political

a graduation trip to Mexico so i can see my Seattle family

bear hugs

WEGMANS- i have never thought i would miss a grocery store more now thta i have to drive 30 min to get to the nearest Walmart

sampling all the blue cheeses in wegmans and having a boyfriend that is willing to ask for samples for me

Buffalove <3

having 4  different thanksgiving invites from friends when i can’t go home

making friends with people who have friends that get me jobs… (barbri)

TA sessions with handouts I can color code and put in my outlines

Favorite books- Examples and Explanations and the Understanding Series ( pretty lame i know), vogue elle and the new york times for fashion and news fixes