Greg's List

A new roof over our head;

The smell of a fire coming from our own fireplace;

The sun streaming into the man cave as I write this;

The Complete Ahmad Jamal Trio Argo Sessions 1956-1962 which I am listening to right now as well;

Kindles, Ipods, Iphones;

Living 10 minutes from Delaware Park by foot and 5 minutes by bicycle;

Spending time with grown daughters and growing granddaughters;

The Mistress of Meatballs, salted caramel and earthly garden delights;

The Detroit Jazz Festival with friends and mornings at the Inn of Ferry Street;

Friends and family that put up with all my quirks (which I like to refer to as quaint little nuances);

Being able to put on the first and only TOGG’s dinner with my boy from high school and beyond, Norman;

A bottle of wine and thine my love.

Best of lists, for me usually mean the last whatever it was (book, movie, cd, concert) I encountered; but I will attempt to do so:

Concert: I was fortunate enough to see a number of really good concerts this year, but it had to be Angelique Kidjo, Dianne Reeves and Lizz  Wright “Sing The Truth;

Movie:  Haven’t seen many this year, but I really liked “The Help”, but I saw that on Saturday, so I will say “Midnight In Paris” which I saw some time ago but still recall it fondly;

CD:  Ben Williams “State of Art”, Irma “Letter to the Lord” , Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa “Don’t Explain”  (I know it’s  more than one, but I did keep it to three!;

Book: “The Windup Girl” by Paolo Bacigaupi.