Lyn and Al's list 2011

We are so thankful:

That our Carlsbad house didn’t sell, held up well in our absence and we are back at home in it.

That we were able to find, unbroken, almost everything that went on the moving truck.

For nurses who take extraordinary care of their patients, including surprise birthday celebrations along with light treatments.

The full moon.


Sisters of Mercy.

All of those who try to help the indigent and homeless.

Service Clubs, especially Rotary International. The Rotary Foundation.

Research on communication in families dealing with sever health issues like cancer.

Phone amplification devices.

Real letters in the mail.

Email, which among other things, masks the loss of handwriting capability.

Mohs surgery.

COBRA and Social Security benefits.

Being “this close” to eradicating polio. Less than 1000 known cases in the world at this point.

Friends who welcomed us back to Carlsbad.

People who give clear driving directions.

Phone calls from family and friends.

Quilts and what goes into making them.

Art in its many forms and especially public art in the neighborhoods.

Spirituality and many different expressions of it.

Public parks and green spaces.

Kindle that can fit in anywhere and travel with us.

The opportunity to travel.



Volunteers the world over.

People who pick up after their dogs, as they walk them.

Friends of friends who become friends. Networking. Conferences with interesting topics and the opportunity to talk with like-minded people.

Those who provide additional chances to participate.

Weddings, holidays, opportunities to get together with others.

Memories of those we have loved and lost.

Technology that makes this type of sharing possible.