Laura's list

Getting to spend everyday with my loving partner for life.

Kayaking on the big lake.

Friends and family coming from all over the country to celebrate love.

Monday girls nights.

Grandparents that I still learn from.

A sister that scores all the points for her roller derby team.

A job that still challenges me.

Seeing my first bear up close and then watching it walk away.

Fleece pants and slippers.

Sleeper trains abroad and at home.

Saturday morning breakfasts.

Books: The Glass Castle, All Aunt Hagel’s Children.

Concerts: Gillian Welch at the Royal Oak Theater, Opera in Millinium Park.

Meals: The lobster we boiled and ate in our over the water honeymoon hut.

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  1. Laura,
    I hope that some day my granddaughters feel about me the way that you feel about your grandparents.

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