Coree's list

Red Boiling Springs Tennessee – in all its diminutive and dumpy glory.

Weather, in all its extremities.

King sized bed.

Bumper tomato crops and purple ruffles basil.

Letting go of the sweet corn.

Surprise green beans in October.


Young energetic farm interns to play in the creek with the kids.

Two unintentional unassisted home births resulting in beautiful healthy happy kids.

Learning to knit, again, and again.

Fall broccoli.

Guinea hens.


A snoring husband.

Family in Canada.

Tennessee clay.

Tooth fairy in her many disguises.

Cranberry Pear pie.

The Wicked Years Quartet.

George Harrison.

Our many blessings – they never end.

Cricket's list 2011

energetic, kind caretakers

a beautiful, loving mama

a buddha father

an utterly reliable sister in town

a brother and sister out West who visit often

a husband who “gets it” and supports us all

an adorable two year old who likes to sing

lipstick that stays on

bracelets that jingle

candles that calm

lavender that soothes

church bells




and of course…always

love, sweet love

Danika's 2011 List

This year I am thankful for:

-people who are helpful and understanding when you are traveling with small children

-muddy trail runs and some awesome running friends

-knee high boots

-2 girls who love to snuggle

-anyone with a generous spirit

-Shutterfly books/calendars

-cities that have recycling bins on the street (not just garbage) so you can recycle when you’re out and about

-a working fireplace

-energy efficiency

-real mail (cards, letters, postcards)

-days when I have no place to be


-frequent flier miles/credit card points

-short security lines, baggage that comes out quickly, and other things that make traveling easy and fast

-visiting family

-a mother who watched our kids for 2+ days so Gordon and I could spend a weekend alone

-free shipping

-insurance policies that pay out

Books: “All over but the Shoutin’” by Rick Bragg, “Cutting for Stone” Abraham Verghese

Movies: Midnight in Paris (probably the only movie I saw in the theater, which makes it a special treat)

Live shows- Avett Brothers

Cory's 2011 List

This year I am thankful for:

  • marriage (the act, not the institution)
  • brussel sprouts and how funny they look on the stalk
  • digital projectors
  • change
  • bosses who quit
  • time to reflect
  • over the water honeymoon huts
  • the joy felt when surrounded by loved ones
  • planning ahead
  • futbol (watched and played)
  • rivers
  • first Friday potlucks
  • love sweet love

In 2011, I enjoyed:

  • Book – the Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz  –
  • Movie (blockbuster) – Harry Potter 7.2 –
  • Movie (documentary) – The Black Power Mix-tape –
  • Movie (comedy) – Bridesmaids –
  • You Tube – Bad Lip Reading of Mitt Romney –
  • Album: Major Lazer and LaRoux – Lazerproof –
  • Meal: Panang curry and kale salad at the Friday night potluck at our wedding – thanks to all who made it happen!

Thanks Karima!  And everyone else too!

– CM

Welcome to 2011

Similar to last year we are using a single user for contributions:

  • Username: tg2011
  • Password: 2011

Remember to out your name in the title e.g. Gordon’s List for 2011.

I know it’s been a long time but keep the list true and simple:

* things to be thankful for

* memories of 2010 (aka favourite books, movies, smells, music etc)

Happy Thangsiving! 

Karima's 2011 List

As I sit here and attempt to compile my list for this year, my head is swirling with things/aspects of my life for which I am grateful. I will touch upon a few.

Things like:

  • living in a house that I love, in a city that I love, with a man I adore
  • our bountiful table and all who come to it AND their lusty enjoyment of our fare

Simple, ordinary (for me) items that make my life easier, healthier and/or more beautiful:

  • fresh drinking water (2.5 BILLION do not)
  • a flush toilet (40% of the world’s population does not)
  • an amazing array of food choices (local, organic, conventional, heirloom, GMOs, not GMOs,etc.)
  • fresh herbs in our backyard
  • post-it notes/a variety of writing tools/papers/art materials/rubber stamps and pads/white-out, etc.
  • unexpected guests at our door:  Examples: a former resident of our house-delightful!; an unknown neighbor returning items mistakenly left at his door-meant for us (St.joseph’s 7-day candles! He then joined our St. Joseph’s table!)
  • glowing candles
  • the smell of a just-snuffed candle
  • a second refrigerator in the basement
  • a garage
  • a green bicycle with vines painted on the crossbar
  • orthotics
  • an SRL camera
  • the public library
  • The NY Times on our doorstep every Sunday morning
  • airplanes ~ that transport me to loved ones far away
  • weddings  ~ which infuse us with hope

(above list barely scratches the surface)

What I am really trying to convey is that I realize that much of what I have is due to dumb luck and the good fortune I have had to be born, and continue to live, right here, in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.

People that enhance:

  • Urban cyclist Bill Cunningham who sees so much that is “marvelous”
  • Young people (especially my granddaughters and my students) who keep my eyes open to amazement and my heart open to wonder
  • Poets like Cynthia Rylant who renew my awe of elephants and spaghetti
  • Artists like Maira Kalman who  expand my  sense of humanity
  • Politicians like Barak Obama who try so hard to be brave
  • Protestors like the “Occupy Wall Street” people
  • Our own “Occupy Buffalo” people who are camping out in Niagara Square
  • People with good manners. (Bless their hearts! We need more of them!)

And best of all (as Cricket ended her 2010 list with) there is Love, Sweet Love.

Favorite saying of 2011“Don’t let assholes rent space in your head.”                          ~Cory Doctorow

Favorite books:

Poetry: GOD WENT TO BEAUTY SCHOOL by Cynthia Rylant because of all the enjoyment we have shared reading it together at “Friday Friends”


Fiction:  WITH A HAMMER FOR MY HEART by George Ella Lyon