Bob's Thanksgiving 2011 List

I’m thankful for:

* Life. I’ve learned not to take it for granted. And I’ve lived long enough to see a lot, and to understand some of what’s going on.
* My Donna, my life’s traveling partner since 1969. How lucky can I get?!
* Our children, who have shared so much with us and taught us so many things we would never have learned otherwise.
* My extended family, mostly in Buffalo. They love me, I love them.
* All those who went before, starting on the plains of Africa. Thanks for not giving up. It’s great to be part of this.
* My near-term ancestors, especially my mom. She loved her children so completely and died way too young.
* Friends on the journey. My Rust Bowl buddies John and Will in Pittsburgh and Pete in Detroit, all friends since the 1960s.

And there’s more I’m thankful for:
* Living long enough to hear the Thanksgiving message delivered by an African-American president.
* Mavis Staples, Neil Young, James Taylor. . . Oh hell, all those who share their music and lyrics with us.
* All those great writers who thankfully were motivated to share with us.
* Little kids who remind us how cool it all is.
* The birds in my backyard who let me watch them living their little lives. Little creatures who do amazing things.
* And the beauty of nature, everywhere. In the Pacific Northwest part of nature – the beautiful waters; the incredible lives of salmon; volcanoes rising on the eastern horizon; wildflowers; rain. All of it.
* Greg and Karima and their magnificent obsession with food. I’ve benefited.

That’s a start. There’s so much. I’m thankful this exercise got me thinking.

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