Donna's 2011 Thanksgiving List

* small kindnesses
* natural light filling the house
* my reading chair with soft afghan, cup of tea, and book
* listening to Bob on the piano and ukelele
* our garden and the hummers that live in it year-round and who delight us with their acrobatics
* Karima’s emerald kale salad
* returning to Crescent Beach (OR) after 20 years
* my favorite new plant: pineapple sage that is still blooming and going strong
* getting to know our little neighbors Zain and Sami and watching them play endlessly in the fallen leaves
* camping and hiking at Crater Lake NP again
* golden light and autumn crispness
* my neighborhood walks in this beautiful place
* red maple trees (ah, the flaming beauty!)
* puddles
* leaf collages on the lawn and sidewalk
* walking one block to the store
* favorite places to return to
* new places to discover
* visiting old friends and the feel of instant and remembered closeness
* hiking in the Columbia River Gorge and finding new trails and vistas
* old-growth trees
* the breaching of Condit Dam on the White Salmon River
* the people we deliver Meals on Wheels to and for all they have taught me
* beeswax candles
* reusable grocery bags and composting food scraps

the song: “You are Royalty to Me” by Ellis

CD: We’ll Never Turn Back by Mavis Staples

Whistling Season by Ivan Doig (F), “the past is vacant but it is not empty”

Born to Run by C. McDougall (NF)

Travels with Herodotus (NF)

The Known World by E.P. Jones (F)

for seeing the A. Wilson play, Gem of the Ocean

the movie: Midnight in Paris

the movie: If a Tree Falls (documentary)

* Occupy Wall Street and marching with Occupy Portland
* Winter squash, homegrown tomatoes, basil, and peaches
* returning of our family to be with us for this Thanksgiving despite a very long road trip
* good times and food to share together
* health and Bob’s recovery – a truly grateful Thanksgiving

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