Phyllis' 2012 Thanksgiving list

Having spent 2 days on Long Island at a Disaster Recovery Center I am very grateful to have a solid roof over my head , all utilities working and clean air and water all the time.

– My gym classes

– Michael , Queenie and Toula

-My 91 year old funny, fun-loving Mom

-Pickled tomatoes and mushrooms

– Having wonderful sisters from different parents

Al and Lyn's 2012 Thanksgiving List

National Parks

insurance when someone rear-ends you

home health nurses & intravenus antibiotics

wise counsel


being “this close” to eradicating polio in the whole world (only 3 countries to go)

silent auctions for good causes

organizations that do good in the world


DVD movies with closed captions

afternoon drives to explore our county

mini-vacations to explore the region

people who wave to let you in traffic or change lanes

open parking spaces

free parking


fresh vegetables, farm markets


Favorite movies watched this year:

   Mao’s Last Dancer

   I Dreamed of Africa

   The Object of My Affection


   The Godfather Triology

   Departures (Japanese)

   De-Lovely: The Cole Porter Story

Good books read or listened to this year:

   The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows

   Crossing to Safety – Wallace Stegner

   The Brutal Telling – Louise Penny

   The Killer Angels – Michael Schaara

   Hunger Games Triology – Suzanne Collins

   The Hangman’s Daughter – Oliver Potzsch, translated by Lee Chadeayn

Kim's 2012 List

As always, I am late in entering my list but thankful none the less to be apart of this tradition. This year I am thankful for one thing but I will explain my reasoning. Above everything, I am thankful for Buffalo, NY. No matter what anyone says, this is a city of possibilities. This is a city where a man can be attracted to a woman in curlers and hot pants in a disco and a woman can fall in love with a man with a funny afro, sarcastic wit and an overbearing mother. This is a city where they wed and were blessed with two children. Although the marriage did not last, their love for their children did and helped to nurture them through the years. This is a city where they both found love again. She found love in an amazing man with a salt and pepper beard and generous spirit. They moved to Georgia but never left Buffalo far behind. The mother and her children were on their way to their destinies.  The daughter moved onto college and medical school but the city of Buffalo called her back home. While gone, her father had fallen in love with a wonderful woman with spunk and a heart as big as outdoors. She opened her arms and with her family, invited them in, calling the father and daughter one of their own. The daughter also found love of her own in one who has a caring spirit, who gives her the support she needs to get through the day. Buffalo has given me more than I could ever hope for. Thank you for truly being a city of possibilities.

Ben's List

I’m new to this so please be forgiving.

-New traditions

-Great travels and a wonderful traveling partner

-A wonderful wife to enjoy life with

-A wonderful new family to be a part of

-A new opportunity to cook good food

-Disc golf and fishing

Coree's List

Ah, so grateful for…

Deep clear lakes in Ontario Canada.

The blessed bright stars and clear cool air.

The middle of nowhere.


Progress, slow and steady, at homeschooling youngsters.

A good field corn crop at the end of a dreadful growing season.

Four 150-foot-long rows of kale, all turned sweet after a frost.

Pinon nuts from New Mexico.

Thick cream on the top of a jar of homemade yogurt.

The great unknown.

Learning about little boys.

Learning to knit.

Going to a barn dance with my daughter.

Staying up late with my husband.

The warmth of sleeping children.

Still being on the Thanksgiving list!

This from my daughter’s bedtime book (The Seven Year Wonder Book by Isabel Wyatt):

“You are right All-Wise, I am not wise, but only clever.  How did you know?  And how can I learn to be wise?”

And All Wise the Dwarf replied:

“I knew because you did not say ‘Thank You’ when you came in at my green door.  Learn to be grateful Rufusi Ryneker, to your servants who serve you so faithfully, and to the stones on which you tread, and to the plants which shelter you, and to the air you breathe, and to the sun which gives you light.  That is how you will grow wise.”

Donna's 2012 Thanksgiving list

What a good year it has been!  I am thankful for so many things……

the love of a husband and two sons

the love and remembrance of a life-long friend

whenever I can be with any of my family

the people on our Meals on Wheels route

leaves of orange, gold and red underfoot

walking my neighborhood and beyond solo or with friends

exploring the Columbia River Gorge for another year and always swept away by its beauty

clean water

hot lips salvia

hummingbirds that will winter over in our yard

April in the Bay area, summer in the San Juans and the Olympics (ahhhhhh Lake Crescent)

mountains and rivers

lupines and balsamroot blooming on Rowena Plateau in the March and April

Powell’s Books

thrift stores and antique stores

blueberries, basil, and tomatoes from our garden

chicken soup

the re-election of Obama and the will of the people speaking with clarity

growing acceptance of marriage equality

getting this sent out before midnight……..


movie:  Searching for Sugarman  (so glad others like it too)

non-fiction:  The Big Burn by Timothy Egan, Child of Steens Mountain by Elaine ?, Wild, Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by C. Strayed

fiction:  Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward, Loving Frank by ?, Caleb’s Crossing, Year of Wonders, People of the Book all by Geraldine Brooks

TV:  Grimm (filmed in Portland)


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!








Leon's Thanksgiving List

As this holiday seasons approach and this Thanksgiving Day draws near, I realize I am blessed and thankful for a lot of things in my life.

– First and foremost I am happy to have been blessed to see my 28th birthday on this earth.

– I am thankful for my Mother and all the beautiful strong women who are apart of my life.

– I am thankful for the lovely lady in my life (soon to be wife) who said yes to me in February when I asked for her hand in marriage.

– I’m filled with joyed to be uniting my family with her lovely family, whom have opened up and their arms and hearts to me. The road wasn’t easy, but it was damn sure worth it.

– I am thankful for all the trips we have been blessed to take, whether together or separate, and for our safe returns home.

– On this Thanksgiving Day I will continue to praise and give thanks to the man upstairs for allowing me to fellowship and have a peaceful and plentiful Thanksgiving.

– I am thankful for more things than words could say but a special thanks to everyone who has helped me to grow into a better man and a overall responsible individual.

– Kim, Gigi, Lonny, Brandon, Marissa, Jazz, Ari, Mack, Havier, Samari, Greg, Karima, Kay, Lynn, The Fox’s, Nika, Gordon, Bea, Lucy, Tess, cousins, aunts, uncles, and extended loved ones.

Tessa's Thanksgiving List

This year I have so much to be grateful for that it is difficult to narrow it down. Here is my best shot:
-Getting rid of dead weight
-Renewed energy and passion to try and learn new things
-No longer being so afraid of change
-Having an amazing internship this summer where I met some of the most wonderful people
– Appearing in Federal Court to represent the government…And loving it!
-Having people share an insight that completely changes your outlook
-Leaving Buffalo in order to meet new people (in and outside of Buffalo)
-Having enough faith, love, and trust in someone to agree to do something you would rather not (Greg I am looking at you on this one…Keep this sentiment in mind when I am cursing you next semester for suggesting I sign up for federal taxation)
-Having big sisters that inspire me everyday to get out there and kick some butt
-Having such a substantial network (thanks to the legwork of my family)
-running partners to push you to put your shoes on in the morning
-trying something you thought you could never do…and doing it!
-getting up before the sun comes out to head to the gym
-knowing that I will not have to go through another presidential election while in law school in a swing state
-the promise of reading non-law related books.
-getting on Moot Court! (and the reserved study carrel that comes along with it)
-Smuckers all natural peanut butter and Greek Yogurt
-having so many people in my life that make me laugh everyday.
-Being “thisclose” to being half-way done with law school.
-Most importantly, having a mother that trusts me to make decisions. Furthermore, the lesson of incredible generosity, honor, and self sacrifice that she imparts everyday.
Favorite book: Unfortunately, the best thing i have read is the outlines sent to be by upperclassmen….
Favorite new music: mumford and sons and the lumineers

Allan's Thanksgiving List 2012

Allan’s Thanksgiving list 2012


My wife Jeanie

Our son Matt and daughter Ellie

Our extended family and friends

The students and fellow teachers in my school

The people and spirit of the Dream groups at Westminster

Health, happiness and positive outlook for the future

Beautiful weather and snow days

Many Lobsters – at $4/lb – all the ways we cooked and enjoyed them

The opportunity to volunteer in the Vinalhaven library



Favorite Book: Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder

from Annie Lamott

Thank you for parents who read to us every night — Robert Louis Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, Louisa May Alcott — and who limited TV, which we three kids were completely bitter about back then but which turned us into voracious, lifelong readers. The rustle of pages was our family’s most sacred sound, our hymns, about wolves, and pioneer children, the little Japanese peach boy, the talking animals of Aesop, and then, oh, my God, Dr. Seuss.

Thank you, Betty McKegney, for letting me be your big girl helper at our tiny local library every Thursday night, when our family came to pick out books for the week. It was our musty cathedral, our mosque, stuffed from floor to ceiling with old books and magazines.  I loved stamping the due dates on the old library cards, ca-chunk.

The planes and boats of my family were paper, between hard covers, flat sheets from which sprang fully formed worlds of people sort of like us; magic carpets that let us see from up above and be blown away on the winds to castles, planets and plantations, and then delivered us back, somehow stunned and calm and changed, all at once.