Gordon's Thanksgiving List 2012

As I recall the year I feel thankful for:

* distance being no object for the big events
* the means for distance to be no object
* and thus, the big wide world and people we care about in it, letting us live where we want
* feeling home in many places
* that you can still get a good curry in Glasgow (when so many other things are different)
* being able to pay cash for medicine and medical services in Mexico
* medical insurance that works abroad
* D getting better
* Woodland Park Zoo, 5 years and counting
* Lego
* surviving another year in the corporate jungle
* home insurance and it’s ability to cover stupidity!
* an end to an ongoing 2 year nuisance in our new house
* girl one, girl two and girl three, not to be confused with Trouble 1 and Trouble 2 most of the time
* wise people, even if they are only 2 and 5
* video calls
* good friends, wherever they are
* netflix streaming, somewhat surprisingly


Meal: every Besalu morning with the girls and butter (although there have been others I don’t suffer from food-related memory recall)
Novel (courtesy of my goodreads log): Hydrogen Sonata – Iain M Banks
Non-fiction: Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman – Yvon Chouinard
Movie (heavily filtered by what I’ve seen and remember): Skyfall
TV: Sherlock Season 2 beats out Downton Abbey Season 2 beats out Doctor Who 2012. Looks like British TV to me, ok I don’t actually *watch* TV….
Music: Of Mountains and Men – My Head is an Animal, Garbage – Not Your Kind of People, fun. – Some Nights

4 Replies to “Gordon's Thanksgiving List 2012”

  1. Gordon,
    What was the name of the movie we watched with the girls, about the lone house in Seattle and the elderly man and his boy scout comrade?

  2. Downton Abbey- of course! I didn’t even think to add a TV category. Also, I should have waited a week to do my list. Skyfall would likely have been my movie of choice too. 🙂


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