Coree's List

Ah, so grateful for…

Deep clear lakes in Ontario Canada.

The blessed bright stars and clear cool air.

The middle of nowhere.


Progress, slow and steady, at homeschooling youngsters.

A good field corn crop at the end of a dreadful growing season.

Four 150-foot-long rows of kale, all turned sweet after a frost.

Pinon nuts from New Mexico.

Thick cream on the top of a jar of homemade yogurt.

The great unknown.

Learning about little boys.

Learning to knit.

Going to a barn dance with my daughter.

Staying up late with my husband.

The warmth of sleeping children.

Still being on the Thanksgiving list!

This from my daughter’s bedtime book (The Seven Year Wonder Book by Isabel Wyatt):

“You are right All-Wise, I am not wise, but only clever.  How did you know?  And how can I learn to be wise?”

And All Wise the Dwarf replied:

“I knew because you did not say ‘Thank You’ when you came in at my green door.  Learn to be grateful Rufusi Ryneker, to your servants who serve you so faithfully, and to the stones on which you tread, and to the plants which shelter you, and to the air you breathe, and to the sun which gives you light.  That is how you will grow wise.”

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