Tessa's Thanksgiving List

This year I have so much to be grateful for that it is difficult to narrow it down. Here is my best shot:
-Getting rid of dead weight
-Renewed energy and passion to try and learn new things
-No longer being so afraid of change
-Having an amazing internship this summer where I met some of the most wonderful people
– Appearing in Federal Court to represent the government…And loving it!
-Having people share an insight that completely changes your outlook
-Leaving Buffalo in order to meet new people (in and outside of Buffalo)
-Having enough faith, love, and trust in someone to agree to do something you would rather not (Greg I am looking at you on this one…Keep this sentiment in mind when I am cursing you next semester for suggesting I sign up for federal taxation)
-Having big sisters that inspire me everyday to get out there and kick some butt
-Having such a substantial network (thanks to the legwork of my family)
-running partners to push you to put your shoes on in the morning
-trying something you thought you could never do…and doing it!
-getting up before the sun comes out to head to the gym
-knowing that I will not have to go through another presidential election while in law school in a swing state
-the promise of reading non-law related books.
-getting on Moot Court! (and the reserved study carrel that comes along with it)
-Smuckers all natural peanut butter and Greek Yogurt
-having so many people in my life that make me laugh everyday.
-Being “thisclose” to being half-way done with law school.
-Most importantly, having a mother that trusts me to make decisions. Furthermore, the lesson of incredible generosity, honor, and self sacrifice that she imparts everyday.
Favorite book: Unfortunately, the best thing i have read is the outlines sent to be by upperclassmen….
Favorite new music: mumford and sons and the lumineers

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  1. Tess- Gordon says “Hey did you see Tessa has developed really good taste in music?” Great list. Lots of “metamorphosis”- change, new things, etc. Also, I’m quite sure you put Smucker’s PB on your list every year. Am I right?



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