Kim's 2012 List

As always, I am late in entering my list but thankful none the less to be apart of this tradition. This year I am thankful for one thing but I will explain my reasoning. Above everything, I am thankful for Buffalo, NY. No matter what anyone says, this is a city of possibilities. This is a city where a man can be attracted to a woman in curlers and hot pants in a disco and a woman can fall in love with a man with a funny afro, sarcastic wit and an overbearing mother. This is a city where they wed and were blessed with two children. Although the marriage did not last, their love for their children did and helped to nurture them through the years. This is a city where they both found love again. She found love in an amazing man with a salt and pepper beard and generous spirit. They moved to Georgia but never left Buffalo far behind. The mother and her children were on their way to their destinies.  The daughter moved onto college and medical school but the city of Buffalo called her back home. While gone, her father had fallen in love with a wonderful woman with spunk and a heart as big as outdoors. She opened her arms and with her family, invited them in, calling the father and daughter one of their own. The daughter also found love of her own in one who has a caring spirit, who gives her the support she needs to get through the day. Buffalo has given me more than I could ever hope for. Thank you for truly being a city of possibilities.

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  1. Dear Kim,
    I started to read your post aloud to your Dad and couldn’t finish due to overwhelming emotion. Thank you for your love of Buffalo, to the many possibilities that have opened for us here and for slipping into our family so seamlessly.
    Love, LOVE, LOVE,

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