Danika's 2012 Thanksgiving List

I am very thankful and blessed this year, and always. Especially for:

-sister trips

-girls who love to snuggle (I just realized this was on last year’s list too. They STILL love to snuggle!)

-thoughtful gifts

-thank you cards (receiving them)

-food blogs

-roasted Brussels sprouts


-good medical coverage and doctors in other countries who speak English

-date lunches with Gordon

-the flexibility to take time off work and try to decide what I want to do when I grow up

-swimming laps, running trails and generally being fit enough to engage in mostly any activity

-weather forecasts

-goodreads (do I say that every year?)

-singing, reading and cooking with Lucy and Bea (my top 3 favorite activities with them)

-strong women

-wedding weeks filled with love, family and celebrating

-4 more years!! (Obama)

-marriage equality (aka places that legally accept gay marriage)

-consignment stores

-waterproof boots

-Theo’s salted chocolate w/ almond bar



albums of the year: Of Monsters and Men, The Lumineers

books of the year: The Old Man and the Sea, The Language of Baklava

wedding of the year: Laila and Ben’s!


And the show will go on

Welcome to the Thanksgiving 2012 lists.

As per previous years we are using a temporary username for all posts for 2012:

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I know it’s been a long time but keep the list true and simple:

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Happy Thangsiving!