Kim's Thanksgiving List

This may be late but will be short and sweet:

As with every year, I am thankful for family, friends and loved one, so special for me this year are…

image-Those from near and far who spent time and money out of their pockets to spend the day with me and my love, proclaiming our eternal devotion

-being a chief resident (FINALLY)!

-feeling like I will finally be doing what I was called to do in about 8 months

-quiet times

-crazy socks

-the knowledge that it just gets better from here

love to you all this season

Coree's list

This year, I’m thankful for the everchanging alchemy of family living,

new explorations into the world of three year old boys,

and eight year old girls.

I’m thankful for legos, and horses.

For experiments in the garden that work – like purple sweet potatoes – four bushels full.

For purple sweet potato marble cheesecake, too.

I’m glad to finally be finding a creative outlet again –, folks, come visit.

And knitting, the endless possibilities that exist in a nice rectangle of wool.

I’m grateful that marriage is always a work in progress,

and that coming up on forty years old isn’t feeling too bad.

I’m thankful for sweet memories, sweet love, with friends and family that have left this life, and those still here.

For the Carolina Chocolate Drops

For Isabel Allende

homeopathy and anthroposophical medicine

windmills and solar panels

to still be on this mailing list, after so many years, so many miles gone by.

I’m thankful.


Si Nae's Thanksgiving list 2013

I am thankful for:

  • E’s cooking
  • Good coffee
  • E’s 부들부들한 발등
  • Almond croissants
  • Opportunities to travel
  • Friends and colleagues at UBC
  • My family all over the world
  • Uni
  • Anipang
  • Good winter weather in Vancouver
  • Opportunities that help me break away from routine and the comfort zone.
  • Friends and family to share joyous and sad news with
  • Willingness to give and receive
  • Casual dinner parties that E and I host
  • My renewed interest in expressing myself through music
  • Teachers and mentors
  • Autumn leaves
  • Newfound passion for research and writing!
  • Lin Chinese restaurant and tea house in Vancouver
  • Mala
  • My weaknesses
  • My new parents and sister
  • Photography

Leon's 2013 list

I am thankful for an abundance of things things year, but the most important thing of them all is family, old and new.


#1 – joining the Hammond, Miller, Bondi, Weaver clans together this summer on June 8th, when I married the woman I’ll spend the rest of my life with…….. SR Kimberly Miller-Hammond

#2 – the health of my mother, the Lord has put her through a lot this year, only to see her continue to fight and stay the course.

#3 – watching and sharing in the happiness of a bunch of my friends as they made changes in their lives for the better.

#4 – being apart of history this year and helping lead a group of deserving young men to a state championship (Mack High), and the spurt of my family throughout the entire ordeal.

#5 – last but certainly not least, I’m thankful for all the upcoming opportunities that will be put before Kim and I that are being put into motion this year.

Movie of the year for me – Last Vegas

Book of the year – I’m making myself read more

Highlight of the year (nonwedding related) – Ravens winning the Superbowl

Album for me – Jay-Z – MCHG

Love everyone and see you all at the holidays.

Laila's 2013 list

My love, who brings me coffee in bed and keeps my feet warm on cold nights.

My ever-supportive and insightful network.





Best meal: Verjus, our last night in Paris

Best Book: Salvage the Bones

Best art exhibit: Ai Wei Wei at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Best musical performance: Rebirth Brass Band and Cheeky Blakk. Free. In the rain. At Congo Square on Halloween.

Greg List 2013

Farmer’s Markets: Robinson Rd. in Lockport, Clinton Bailey and the newest, the Winter Market at Horsefeathers
Our Webber Grill
Communal Friday Evenings
Wednesday Date Night
Detroit Jazz Festival
That one Summer Sunday Morning at Besalu with the Girls.
Sista Girl Sweet Potato Pie…Ooooooh Baby
Jazz at the Albright
Friends who are artists, in one form or another
A house with wall space to accommodate that art in one form or the other
sustainable farms
wind power
rice pudding another… ooohhh Baby
A good camera, limitless subjects and in 2-3 years the time to explore the possibilities
My parents in a new safe home
My friends who were kind enough to lend a hand to help make their move such an almost effortless transition
My Darling wife who spent every Wednesday when in town this summer and fall packing up my parents in preparation for that move
St. Joseph’s Day in New Orleans
One of the most amazing dinners I have ever had, at a table out in front of a lovely little house in NOLA, on a beautiful spring evening with family and friends

A roaring fire and a glass of good bourbon when the snow is falling and the wind is whipping about in the “B”Lo

Elliott's list 2013

I’m super thankful for:

– sabbaticals

– communication, verbal, written, and otherwise

– sense of touch

– good physiotherapy

– technology that lasts longer than a year

– binder clips, masking tape

– artwork that’s beautiful, thought-provoking, and remindful of loved ones

– good ol’ h2o

– starlight and meteors

– electricity

– clothing that lasts more than a year

– yeast, fennel, sumac, gochujang, tomatoes, garlic

– S’s piano

– bicycles

– mountains to walk up

Cricket's list 2013

Cricket’s list 2013

a mother and father who are still in love with each other

two sons living in Buffalo

Marzel’s laugh and fascinating, four year old outlook

Thomas Katz, my purring, 92 year old “kitten” ( same age as Daddy!)

sitting in the sun on Paradise Porch

fires in winter

weather I can hear

living a long time in the same house



our spiritual life group

learning about Jung

traveling on the train

beginning to paint –  burnt sienna, permanent rose, cerulean blue, french ultramarine, new gamboge, quin gold, etc

our dream group

wearing pale pink Juliette ballet slippers ( your influence, Tess)

ballet exercises at the barre

lavender in the bath

bright pink lipstick

bracelets that jingle






and of course…ALWAYS

love, sweet love





Mary Beth's List 2013

Once again, thank you for including me in this beautiful tradition!

This year, I am thankful for:

*humility and being able to learn from humbling experiences.

*finding the right schools for my boys, after many many MANY hours of research and worry.

*instincts that turn out to be right, despite the overwhelming urge to ignore them.

*an end, finally, to our huge renovation!

*two cars that get us anywhere we need to be, babysitters at the ready, enough of everything we need, and enough left over to share with those less fortunate.

*my amazing city, a walkable community, everything within reach, little to no traffic.

*all the little things that went wrong, or not according to plan–and being able to more easily navigate these detours as life goes on.

Amina Linda's List

I am grateful for

your continued invitation to join this , though I have not been very steady

an abundance of loving friends

many years of significant healing and now, of steady health

gravity, which holds me earthbound so I can fulfill my life’s purpose

rich, dark, high-test coffee for the beginning and deep, full-bodied red wine for the end of a busy, jam-packed day

the beauty all around me

being with my beloved husband and best friend through all the macinations (sp?) of life

having so many of my dreams come true