Cricket's list 2013

Cricket’s list 2013

a mother and father who are still in love with each other

two sons living in Buffalo

Marzel’s laugh and fascinating, four year old outlook

Thomas Katz, my purring, 92 year old “kitten” ( same age as Daddy!)

sitting in the sun on Paradise Porch

fires in winter

weather I can hear

living a long time in the same house



our spiritual life group

learning about Jung

traveling on the train

beginning to paint –  burnt sienna, permanent rose, cerulean blue, french ultramarine, new gamboge, quin gold, etc

our dream group

wearing pale pink Juliette ballet slippers ( your influence, Tess)

ballet exercises at the barre

lavender in the bath

bright pink lipstick

bracelets that jingle






and of course…ALWAYS

love, sweet love





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