Si Nae's Thanksgiving list 2013

I am thankful for:

  • E’s cooking
  • Good coffee
  • E’s 부들부들한 발등
  • Almond croissants
  • Opportunities to travel
  • Friends and colleagues at UBC
  • My family all over the world
  • Uni
  • Anipang
  • Good winter weather in Vancouver
  • Opportunities that help me break away from routine and the comfort zone.
  • Friends and family to share joyous and sad news with
  • Willingness to give and receive
  • Casual dinner parties that E and I host
  • My renewed interest in expressing myself through music
  • Teachers and mentors
  • Autumn leaves
  • Newfound passion for research and writing!
  • Lin Chinese restaurant and tea house in Vancouver
  • Mala
  • My weaknesses
  • My new parents and sister
  • Photography

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