Coree's list

This year, I’m thankful for the everchanging alchemy of family living,

new explorations into the world of three year old boys,

and eight year old girls.

I’m thankful for legos, and horses.

For experiments in the garden that work – like purple sweet potatoes – four bushels full.

For purple sweet potato marble cheesecake, too.

I’m glad to finally be finding a creative outlet again –, folks, come visit.

And knitting, the endless possibilities that exist in a nice rectangle of wool.

I’m grateful that marriage is always a work in progress,

and that coming up on forty years old isn’t feeling too bad.

I’m thankful for sweet memories, sweet love, with friends and family that have left this life, and those still here.

For the Carolina Chocolate Drops

For Isabel Allende

homeopathy and anthroposophical medicine

windmills and solar panels

to still be on this mailing list, after so many years, so many miles gone by.

I’m thankful.


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  1. Always look forward to your list Coree. How about a knit-in with a side of purple sweet potato flan.
    As ever,

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