Danika's Thanksgiving list

Short and sweet is the name of the game!

This year I am thankful for:

-NYC and the opportunity to run the marathon there

-a mother/Mima who will drop her own life and spend 4 days with our children so we can run a marathon

-the creativity and wonder than Lucy and Beatrix bring to my life every single day

-that I got to see my Grandmother one last time before she died

-my father’s improved health and ability to travel again!

-family weeks with all their kayaking, paddle-boarding, bonfire-gazing, gnocchi-making, cassata-cake eating, guacamole-devouring, Scattergories-playing, wedding shower-throwing, 60th birthday-partying memories.


-realized dreams


Best book: “The Good Lord Bird” by James McBride

Best movie: Birdman (at least, that’s all I can remember)

Best show: First Aid Kit, Moore Theater


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  1. I like that you included lipstick.
    Also, here’s to running the NYC marathon together! Might not be until 2019 or so but I’m dreaming big!

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