Laila's 2014 List

This year I am thankful for many things, including:

Elections. Even if the candidates all stink, I’m glad that we have them.

My job, which has its downsides but allows me a lot of flexibility.

Lake houses, silly nieces, delicious guacamole, good bourbon, deep lawns, guitars and paddleboats.

Coming to terms with the ebb and flow of relationships. I’m excited to discover new facets of old friendships and accept moving on from others.

Closing chapters, in this case, taking my last class ever! Or so I hope.  Anyway, done with coursework for my master of public health.

Learning that I have more in common than I knew with my family in the wake of my grandmother’s death.

Mother-daughter trips.

Friend trips.

Cheese palaces and reunion tours.

As always: the library, cashmere, clean sheets, my cuddly pup.

Best meal:  Anniversary dinner with Ben at Restaurant Revolution.

Best Book:  Not new but I read it this year.  Remains of the Day.

Best movie: I’ve only seen about 3 movies this year but I enjoyed the feel-good Chef.

Best exhibit:  ExhibitBe, part of Prospect 3

Best live music: Raul Midon at Dillard University and Christian Scott at the Civic Theater.

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