Cory's list for 2015

Wow – this year has been thrilling and exhausting and I have so much to be thankful for, here’s what I can think of right now while waiting on the two turkeys in my dad’s oven:

  • The miracle of birth and the powerful love that continues to grow within me for both Laura and Bayard
  • The incredible mother’s milk, and vegetable puree that is keeping Bayard healthy and growing strong
  • Children’s hospital in Chicago for keeping the Bay alive
  • The loving community that surrounds Bayard and the smiles he gives them back
  • Our new home and all the joy and trouble that comes with it
  • Moving within Chicago and feeling that we are in a new city
  • Fulfilling work
  • Being connected to social movements and having productive outlets for the anger and sadness I feel when I contemplate how messed up the world is
  • Summer trip to Buffalo
  • Lake Michigan
  • The Field Museum
  • Chance the Rapper

Favorite Album: Surf by Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment

Favorite Book: I have not read enough books this year to have a favorite… but Lexicon by Max Barry was a nice escape.

Favorite TV: True Detective (first season)

Lyn's list 2015

I am especially thankful for:
Organizations who keep working to help others, refugees from wars, those who are hungry, grieving, seeking a more peaceful planet and need a hand.
People who make room on busy freeways for people to shift lanes.
That Al’s handbook on Biopolitics is almost ready to go to the publisher.
Visit from our friend, Hari, who came all the way from Greece to see us.
Tennis lessons in the sun in November.
Limes and figs from our trees.
Grown children who are working to help others.
Memoir writing classes and group members who share their stories.
Reading other peoples’ stories, especially those with backgrounds and histories different from my own.
Eating out occasionally.
Opportunities to travel and see other parts of the world, like the Panama Canal and Yosemite National Park.
Movies with closed captions.
Children who ask questions, even when we know we don’t have all the answers, and talking about possible explanations.
Cartoons and other small jokes and stories that bring laughter.
The “good enough mother” theory.
Walking with someone in silent companionship.
Clean water.
Courage in young people – well, in all people who are willing to do the right thing, even when it is hard.

A-Aron's 2015 List

I am new to this, but I’m going to give it a whirl…

I am thankful for the new family that I have continued to get to know and grow with (the Bondmillers)

I am also thankful for (hopefully) getting through the final round of interrogations after finally getting to meet Kay – she is wonderful!

I am thankful for my job in the field of law I want to practice in and more specifically, the flexibility of my job, “working from home,” having a “part-time” full-time job, and being able to spend more time than I could have imagined back in Buffalo with my “sweet thang”

My house on cottage street being almost completely renovated

Pearl street – getting all of the squatters out and the years of renovations to come

Sunday dinners and being the reigning Quiddler champion 😉

Spending time with my two brothers and sister-in-law in Kentucky for Thanksgiving

ALL of the IPA beers

Being able to spend time working on my house (watching NCIS) with Tessa

Exploring new places in Buffalo (with Tessa) and indulging in Buffalo’s long overdue Renaissance

Mexico – 2016

Cafe Taza, Estate Sales, Home Depot, Bargain Outlets, and Dibble’s True Value Hardware Store

Boat rides, wake-boarding, and fishing (and catching fish with human teeth)

Pizza, sour gummy candy, and seltzer water

Candy Crush and Soda Crush

The Buffalo bills still are in the playoff hunt this deep into the season



Coree's List for 2015

This year, what a year, I am particularly thankful for…

eleven years of marriage.

ten years of motherhood.

after much death and grieving, the ability to love and celebrate LIFE.

vegan gluten free friends and family, whose dietary restrictions force me to expand my horizons to include such Thanksgiving dishes as Purple Sweet Potato Cheesecake made with maple syrup, costa rican biodynamic vanilla, and many cashews.

goats – beautiful, friendly, poison ivy eating, stubborn goats, and their wonderful milk.

new possibilities that include woods, creeks, and high fields.

blue herons.

children’s theatre.

backyard telescopes.

reading J.R.R. Tolkien again with a new audience.

rediscovering Margaret Atwood.  The Chalice and The Blade.  Wendell Berry.  Terry Pratchett, may he rest in peace.

ALL OF YOU!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING and many more!!!!!!

Leon's list 2015

I just want to say happy holidays to everyone first and foremost.

I am thankful for all the blessing bestowed upon myself and Kim this entire year.

Specifically the new job opportunity I was blessed with which had put me in a better situation and I’m happier than before.

I’m thankful for my brothers back home and the fact that they are getting themselves on the right track to be great men for their respective families, children, and themselves.

I’m thankful for my early mother Kay being declared cancer free.

I’m thankful for my other mom Karima who will gracefully retire and becoming the traveling mima*.

Movie…Fast 7 was solid, but Narcos on Netflix is addictive!

Book….The Makings of A Man, by Tim Brown, forwarded by Lou Holtz.

Lastly I’m thankful to God for continuing to keep Kim healthy as she has our beautiful baby girl Vivian Shanelle growing inside of her.

I love you all and Kim does too, enjoy some turkey today!

BTW, New Orleans wedding,, and of course Ixtapa, Mexico was great too, we are official timeshare owners and will be there for years to come.


Mary Beth's List

Just under the wire!

Oh 2015, you’ve been a year.

This year I’m grateful and thankful for:

*the gifts of humility and perspective

*free, enriching, nurturing and rigorous public education for my children

*an injury that turned into opportunity

*a gorgeous, mostly-snow-free autumn

*Shiner Birthday Bock and Green Flash Soul Style IPA

*nights out with friends that end by 10PM because man, we’re old at heart

*enough food and money to pay for it, reliable transportation (is that breaking the rules?)

Best Book: A Man Called Ove

Best Meal: Carmelo’s in Lewiston

Best Concerts : Avett Brothers, the Pixies

Ben's list 2015

  1. A new house and to be a first time home owner.
  2. Having a wonderful partner to go through the experience of buying a new house with. She made it possible.
  3. The headaches that can come with a new house, I have learned how to fix more things (don’t tell Laila).
  4. The wonderful website I would not be playing the guitar as much nor have picked up the mandolin again.
  5. Mad Max Fury Road for hours and hours of intertainment, and more to come.
  6. The Walking Dead for the same reasons as before.
  7. Good food, especially the meal we had for our anniversary. Root Squared, Wow.
  8. Tobacco free living. 5-6 months and it keeps getting better.

Tessa's 2015 list

First and foremost, it is really hard to pick just a few this year.

Morning walks with my Mamma every day before work!!

Being fortunate enough to live at home with my family so I can spend more time with them and afford to put that down payment on a house!

Learning everyday as a very privileged member of the workforce

Being surprised: by thoughtfulness, leftovers, tea on a cold day, a packed lunch, a painting of my favorite animal etc.

Hand delivered dinner at the office when I have to work late

Everything about the weekend, esp. no work weekends!

Travel for weddings and all the excitement of planning. 2015 in NOLA and 2016 in Mexico!

Finding a ridiculous hobby and all the ladies and gents I get to see during the week

Financial planning and animal videos

Weekend walks with Cole! (and Aaron)

Learning how to use power tools

Artichokes, African Lion Safari, Aye-Ayes and Aardvarks etc.

Sour watermelon gummy candies, room temperature cheese, and Honey Bells from Cafe Taza

Cuddling with Cole (and Arron) and watching really good/really terrible movies with the same

Laughing all through the day with my favorite person 😉

Feeling at home with family that is not my own.


Donna's 2015 Thanksgiving list

I am thankful for…..

Karima’s gentle reminders

camping and hiking in Utah

the wonders of sandstone cliffs and slot canyons

pictographs and petroglyphs

seeing the Great Basin desert

cool evening breezes after a hot September sun

the return of rain and foggy mornings

puddles again

friends on our Meals on Wheels route and the wisdom they share

my walking friend

sweet memories of childhood and family

adult sons


family and friends who make life full with happiness and excitement

Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S.  Like Danika’s post I seem to have read a lot of duds but, oh, how I loved Boys in the Boat and the Invention of Wings!