Gordon's List 2015

Thankful thoughts for 2015, avoiding all the cliches we’re not meant to use:

  • Bacon
  • TV and Netflix when you are laid up
  • Interesting conversations about topics you never dreamed you would have to deal with (aka the teenage years are going to be ….)
  • Travel when we can get it
  • Fun games
  • A long excellent summer
  • A re-found appreciation for ice cream

Movie: Lost track a little, guess I’ll give The Martian the best movie award this year, if only because science.

Music: I discovered some streaming, and Lucy started with Pop (Katy Perry, Taylor Swift et al) but the biggest surprise was a group from the more recent past with a solid, solid catchy album – The Fratellis with Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied

Book: It seems to be an ever reducing list of books in a year, and this year is no exception.  But I feel that final credit has to be to the conclusion of The Wheel of Time with A Memory of Light.  Brandon Sanderson brought it home.  Although I like his stuff better.

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