Donna's 2015 Thanksgiving list

I am thankful for…..

Karima’s gentle reminders

camping and hiking in Utah

the wonders of sandstone cliffs and slot canyons

pictographs and petroglyphs

seeing the Great Basin desert

cool evening breezes after a hot September sun

the return of rain and foggy mornings

puddles again

friends on our Meals on Wheels route and the wisdom they share

my walking friend

sweet memories of childhood and family

adult sons


family and friends who make life full with happiness and excitement

Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S.  Like Danika’s post I seem to have read a lot of duds but, oh, how I loved Boys in the Boat and the Invention of Wings! 



2 Replies to “Donna's 2015 Thanksgiving list”

  1. So happy when we are able to share childhood memories AND, even more so, to make adult ones!
    Love to you and Bob,

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