Tessa's 2015 list

First and foremost, it is really hard to pick just a few this year.

Morning walks with my Mamma every day before work!!

Being fortunate enough to live at home with my family so I can spend more time with them and afford to put that down payment on a house!

Learning everyday as a very privileged member of the workforce

Being surprised: by thoughtfulness, leftovers, tea on a cold day, a packed lunch, a painting of my favorite animal etc.

Hand delivered dinner at the office when I have to work late

Everything about the weekend, esp. no work weekends!

Travel for weddings and all the excitement of planning. 2015 in NOLA and 2016 in Mexico!

Finding a ridiculous hobby and all the ladies and gents I get to see during the week

Financial planning and animal videos

Weekend walks with Cole! (and Aaron)

Learning how to use power tools

Artichokes, African Lion Safari, Aye-Ayes and Aardvarks etc.

Sour watermelon gummy candies, room temperature cheese, and Honey Bells from Cafe Taza

Cuddling with Cole (and Arron) and watching really good/really terrible movies with the same

Laughing all through the day with my favorite person 😉

Feeling at home with family that is not my own.


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