A-Aron's 2015 List

I am new to this, but I’m going to give it a whirl…

I am thankful for the new family that I have continued to get to know and grow with (the Bondmillers)

I am also thankful for (hopefully) getting through the final round of interrogations after finally getting to meet Kay – she is wonderful!

I am thankful for my job in the field of law I want to practice in and more specifically, the flexibility of my job, “working from home,” having a “part-time” full-time job, and being able to spend more time than I could have imagined back in Buffalo with my “sweet thang”

My house on cottage street being almost completely renovated

Pearl street – getting all of the squatters out and the years of renovations to come

Sunday dinners and being the reigning Quiddler champion 😉

Spending time with my two brothers and sister-in-law in Kentucky for Thanksgiving

ALL of the IPA beers

Being able to spend time working on my house (watching NCIS) with Tessa

Exploring new places in Buffalo (with Tessa) and indulging in Buffalo’s long overdue Renaissance

Mexico – 2016

Cafe Taza, Estate Sales, Home Depot, Bargain Outlets, and Dibble’s True Value Hardware Store

Boat rides, wake-boarding, and fishing (and catching fish with human teeth)

Pizza, sour gummy candy, and seltzer water

Candy Crush and Soda Crush

The Buffalo bills still are in the playoff hunt this deep into the season



3 Replies to “A-Aron's 2015 List”

  1. Sunday dinners, games of Quiddler (watch out buster!), Buffalo’s Renaissance…..here’s to more and more, just get a coat would ya?
    ~ The Bondillers

  2. Three games of Quiddler does not make a champion you got a ways to go young fella, so bring it on!!!!!!!!!!


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