Coree's List for 2015

This year, what a year, I am particularly thankful for…

eleven years of marriage.

ten years of motherhood.

after much death and grieving, the ability to love and celebrate LIFE.

vegan gluten free friends and family, whose dietary restrictions force me to expand my horizons to include such Thanksgiving dishes as Purple Sweet Potato Cheesecake made with maple syrup, costa rican biodynamic vanilla, and many cashews.

goats – beautiful, friendly, poison ivy eating, stubborn goats, and their wonderful milk.

new possibilities that include woods, creeks, and high fields.

blue herons.

children’s theatre.

backyard telescopes.

reading J.R.R. Tolkien again with a new audience.

rediscovering Margaret Atwood.  The Chalice and The Blade.  Wendell Berry.  Terry Pratchett, may he rest in peace.

ALL OF YOU!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING and many more!!!!!!

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