Greg's List for 2015

So much to be thankful for:

Life on Willowlawn

A beautiful garden and a gorgeous gardener all in my backyard

A first time second lining in the streets of the French Quarter at Tommy & Madi’s Wedding

Walking the streets at night in Ajicic, Mexico when it was 65 degrees in February

Having lunch and an afternoon in the park with Lucy and Bea while waiting for our Mima

New life

A wood guy that didn’t let us down and as a result the smell of a fire on a cold winter’s night

Movies in the Man Cave

A gift of tickets to Stevie Wonder’s Concert last week (11/19/15)

The very dim light in my work tunnel (that’s getting a little brighter every day) which I believe is the retirement train moving slowing towards us and the promise of travel to interesting places and finding interesting hobbies at home

My Gentlemen’s Dinner group

Friday Friends

My Kindle


Music, because the beat must go on!!!!!!!


Just saw Specter and Daniel Craig is probably the grittiest Bond we have ever had.

Tangerine (very interesting and well done, filmed with an iphone 6)

Woman in Gold


Those occasions when Karima makes her sauce and meatballs

And her ever loving sweet potato pie


This has been a great year for some very good and interesting music being made by interesting people from all over the world

The Pizzarelli Boys – Desert Island Dreamers

Cecille McLoren Salvant – For One To Love

Terry Lynne Carrington – The Mosaic Project Love and Soul

Twin Danger – Twin Danger

Ibeyi -Ibeyi

Melina Tobiana – Melina Tobiana

Chris Washburn, The Syotos Band – Low Riding

Harold Lopez Nunez – New Day


Every year during Labor Day Weekend at the Detroit Jazz Festival there is so much good free music, some of my favorites this year were :

Renee Marie Experiment in Truth

Anat Cohen

Steve Turre and James Carter

Pat Metheny with Kenny Garrett

And yes, last Thursday here at home Stevie Wonder was the bomb.








JoMarie's List

Sunday morning bike rides with my husband to  brunch …all year round.

my husband’s goofy sense of humor and ability to fix most anything

Turtle Beach sunsets…never the same, always magical.

Reading the same book as my 8 year old granddaughter and helping her write the book reports via face time….her comments are endearing

My dear, sweet( thank you Zoloft) demented 92 year old dad who still makes me laugh

Being able to play tennis five days a week…outside!

My amazing sister , Celeste who has been caregiving and overseeing the care of my dad…your sense of humor and texts are hysterical

my brother ,John who only writes Haiku texts



Kay's 2015 List

I am so grateful for :

*Finishing all chemotherapy treatments (May 1st)
*Health and Healing
*Being Cancer Free
*Nightly chats with my daughter Kim
*The forthcoming birth of my first grandchild, baby Vivian
*Traveling and new adventures
*Creating memories
*Enduring LOVE of family& friends
*Vacationing with Kim & Leon in Mexico
*Beautiful sunny days
*A Glorious Blue Sky
*Wood Burning Fireplace
*The ability to touch the souls of others
*A new kitchen
*Warm, soft winds that kiss my cheeks and remind me of Lil Greg

The Shack – William P. Young
Someone Knows My Name – Lawrence Hill
A Revolution of Kindness – Edited by Anita Roddick
The God Box – Mary Lou Quinlan
The Girl with the Magic Hands – Nnedi Okorafor
The Road Back to Yourself – The Second Journey – Joan Anderson

Music: GP Miller keeps me up to date by sharing, thanks!

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Ringraziamento…
Thank you Karima Dee for your gentle reminders every year… this year
I complied:)

“Hold tight to memories for comfort, lean on your friends for strength, and always remember how much you are cared about. ~ Unknown~

Ryan's Thanksgiving List

Things I’m thankful for.

My boys who keep surprising me and pushing their limits
My wife
My awesome new nephew
Star Wars is starting up again
I finally finished school
My job encourages further education
That I have the luxury of some lazy days.
I just discovered the Dresden files and it’s pulpy and light but a lot of fun.
Quality TV
People who keep working for peace in spite of a mad seeming world

Laura's list

This was a big year, I am really overflowing with thankfulness.

  • The midwives, doctors and nurses at Illinois Masonic, who helped bring our beautiful boy into this world.
  • The doctors and nurses at Laurie Children’s Hospital who cut open an organ of his to make sure food would go down and he could survive and thrive.
  • Laughter.
  • An amazingly strong and caring child rearing and life partner.
  • Getting laid off and finding a new and better job in the same week.
  • Our backyard.
  • Park swings.
  • Trains.
  • Baby swim classes at the YMCA.
  • My grandpa and remembering what an amazing person he was.
  • Knowing that our home is and will be our home for a long time.
  • Watching Bayard figure out how things work and how to do stuff.
  • Being able to comfort the little guy when he’s sad.
  • My travel partner and mom role model.
  • A big school, studious kids and great colleagues I can bounce ideas off of and collaborate with.
  • Visits from and visiting family.


Favorite song of the year – Sunday Candy, Chance the Rapper

Favorite concert – Erykah Badu, Grant Park

Favorite play – East of Eden, Steppenwolf

Favorite book – Half a Yellow Sun, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Laila's 2015 List


Thankful for:
The incomparable feeling of home.
Being on the upside of the real estate market (hooray for quick sales and speedy closings!).
Neighbor-friends, porch drinks and weekend coffee.
Cuttings that take and grow, giving me something new to see every morning. Figs! Roses!
Having the money, time and overall freedom to travel. And spectacular traveling companions, of course.
Being a grown up.
That I have a husband I look forward to seeing at the end of a stressful day.
Online food forums and blogs that have taught me so much this year.
The volunteers at my polling place for keeping it going each and every election.
That we finally have a Democratic governor in Louisiana. Medicaid expansion, I see you!
Oldies but goodies:
A flexible job.
Morning cuddle time with the puppy and husband.
Clean sheets, especially after coming home from travel.


Meal: Square Root with Ben for our three year anniversary. Also, Christmas Eve dinner at my friend Paige’s house. We made Feast of the 7 Fishes (although it was more like 11)

Music: Miguel, D’Angelo, Buscabulla, Ibeyi

Movie: I think I only saw one this year so Mala Mala

Book: Girl in the Dark or The Sojourn
Exhibit: Photorealism at NOMA
Show: Stevie Wonder, Charlie Wilson, Ed Sheeran (This was at Jazzfest and I just happened to walk by. I ignored the hordes of screaming pre-teens and was surprised by a really great performance!)
Podcast: Alt Latino (thanks to Nika), The Moth

Danika's Thanksgiving List 2015

My Thanksgiving List 2015

This year I am thankful for so much, chiefly the abundance of the basics (i.e. food, water, shelter, clothing and having “enough” money). But also:

Working from home and a flexible work schedule (and no commute)

Woolen warmth

Plane tickets and the promise of adventure

Kindness, community and generosity


The growing independence of a strong-willed 8-yr old


Current favorite foods: coconut in almost any form, chocolate, roasted sweet potatoes, hanger steak (Rain Shadow meats)

Best CD/album: Ibeyi

Best book: I’ve read WAY too many duds this year but “Tiny Beautiful Things” by Cheryl Strayed stands out (listen to it on audio!)

Best podcast: so many good ones. Current faves- The Moth, Dear Sugar and Spilled Milk

Best trip- Disneyland/SoCal for Spring Break

Beatrix's Thanksgiving List 2015

I am thankful for:


Brussels sprouts

Cranberry sauce






Parties at Thanksgiving

Leaf Piles

Thanksgiving treats- apple pie and ice cream

Movie- “Turkey movies. Are there turkey movies?” Star Wars

Book- Turkey Race

Lucy's Thanksgiving List 2015

I am thankful for:





Star Wars




Nature and the Earth


Movies- Narnia and Star Wars (any of the above)

Books- Harry Potter, Jedi Academy, The Hobbit, Narnia books, Ink books (Inkheart, Inkspell, Inkdeath)

Sandra's List

I am thankful that:

I don’t have to make up a name and profile for online dating

I don’t dread going home for the holidays

Caring what others think pales with aging

Insight comes in the nick of time