Aaron's 2016 Thanksgiving List

I am thankful for:

-each day I get to spend with Cole

-being able to work from home (Buffalo) more often than I thought I’d be able to

-Netflix and cuddling with Tess (no, not Netflix and “chill”)

-having a new roof over my head

-my health

-spending time with those that I deeply care about

-adventures with Tessa (Yelapa, the Kentucky Derby, and Switzerland in 2017)

-being able to work with Tessa make her new house into a home

-the Bill’s not being officially eliminated from the playoffs…..yet

-boating, wakeboarding, and the beach

-meatloaf, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sour gummy candy, and IPA beer

One Reply to “Aaron's 2016 Thanksgiving List”

  1. For all your home-making skills. TY! By the way…did I ask you to look at our leaky, oh, never mind, come on over for some meatloaf (or, better yet, meatballs.)

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